Give Me Education Or I Will Pick Up Guns: Karachi


    Excellent show by Hamid Mir on Why there is so much violence in karachi. the myth of Taliban presence in Kachi Pahari and Sohrab Goth is also busted. Pakistani State continues to fail to provide education to its people. In last four years education budget has come down every year. This year pakistani gov't has allocated $4 per pakistani for education and most of that money is going toward higher education which is dominated by upper middle class and rich.

    Watch the kid at the end of the video. Even a 10 year old knows that he is bound to pick up guns if state isn't going to provide him with any education but the incompetent idiots in the gov't fail to realize this.

    Wake Up Pakistan. Spend money on education.

    Here is a link for the complete show.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    Pakistan has been ruled by those who subscribe to 'secularism', be it in one form or another. No matter when one looks at;

    (1) political/government quarters

    (2) intellectuals, schools/colleges

    (3) businessmen, trade

    (4) defense

    (5) etc etc

    Why haven't they 'struggled' for people of Pakistan to have 'education', since Pakistan was created ? Why ?!?!!!!

  • "Even a 10 year old knows that he is bound to pick up guns if state isn't going to provide him with any education but the incompetent idiots in the gov't fail to realize this."

    How true!!

    Education is the right of every person! And is the need of the hour

  • Well in Karachi even education couldn't stop youth from holding the gun. Well not just in Karachi Osama is Engineer his deputy is Doctor. Hamid Mir himself is fairly educated but sympathizes with uneducated barbaric jihadis. He is not alone pkp is full of literates like him. PU is controlled by JI and KU by MQM and we all know how peaceful both are?

  • There is a difference in being just literate and being educated!

  • NO there is no Taliban but Land Mafia.... Mafia is holding hostage to Karachi.

    Kati Phari, Banaras, soharb goth area around supper highway, Malir and Banaras chook need to clean up from land mafia.

    I am sure same mafia is working many other places in karachi

  • Despite being such a large country, India gained 65% literacy. Our country has only 30% literacy despite being a comparatively much smaller country.

  • its the real game of the foreign Masters of our so called leaders.

    they want us to suppress , make us depressed to the level .

    we start saying so .

    we start talking about guns .

    so they can justified their claim for us to be a terrorist nation .

    and will get enough reason to show to the rest of the world ,to invade our territory .

  • Ji haan beroni aqaon ko blame karo....

    Jab main ney matic or inter ka examination form fill kia tha to us main eik line thi

    i dont remember exactly but something like

    " Main ney eik gher talieem yafta ko perhaya hey"

    That was requirement for examination form with photos and fee

    i checked mark on that portion ( carelessly) and fill out rest of the form carefully....

    i bet all of us did same thing... or may be not even remember that portion of examination form any more

    blame on amerika???

  • yeh sub MQM ka shosha hay .

    in larko kay peechay MQM hay . (u can see in the footage Mutahida likha nazar aaraha hay)

    aur yeh Altaf ki seekhai hoye patti hay .

    kay gun utha lo.

    wohh kehta 80s mein tha , VCR beecho ,gun kharedo .

    ab 2010 mein kah raha hay

    book churu ,gun uthao .

    ussko gangsters aur bhatta collectors ki aik naye khaeep jo chahiye .

  • Isay Kehtay hain Choor ki Darhi mai Tinka...Banned Sectarian Outfit's Flags waving Openly, people living few distance away COMPLAINING about Taliban DESPERATELY and he said their is no Taliban....Nice I got a very small Challenge for anyone who is Karachiite here or who wants to know the reality about that area....

    Paste a Sticker of "Salam Ya Hussain" on the FRONT MIRROR of your car and go to Sohrab Goth pass through different streets of Sohrab Goth and return Back 0Meter after 2 hours moving in Different streets in Sohrab Goth...And also APPLY thing in the Area shown on this Video as well....

    If someone is Hiding Taliban in his house then can you expect him to say that YES I know where is Taliban????I dont think so cause he would have trouble of BEING in trouble because of him that is why....

  • @ghazi23,

    If they are sectarian outfits and Taliban living amidst us; than what the heck is Karachi ka maai baap MQM doing something about it. We the Karachite know very well that biggest threat we got is not from Taliban but from MQM.

  • @siddiqi73

    What do you Expect them to do???They are doing what must be done as Just tell me a single platform where they havent raise their voice????If you want Violence then you know what will it end up as they will be Declared Pashtun Dushman....

  • What a convenient little argument devoid of any logic. Bhai, admit it that you guys are simply either spellbound by Rehman Malik our you folks are highly intimidated by him, not to mention that of late Zulfiqar Mirza got y'alls number as well. One of these days, MQM would either have to stand up, quit the cabinet and be more foreplay and no more topi drama about supporting a democratic dispensation which you folks have already declared to be a miserably failed venture.

  • Do these goons look educated? Barring few,most of these unit/sector terrorists look like pan,gutka sellers who dropped out of school on the other hand most of their leadership with exception of few is educated. So being educated does not really guarantee that you won't pick up guns. If one chooses wrong path then it could could make him cunning,evil criminal. Being educated does not automatically translate into one becoming a rational individual.