Einstein's Idiots !!

  • Salam Sahib, that was simply great! Finally demolishing the myths surrounding the Holy Cow of Physics and that bunch of crooks, the Relativists. No God, said that other Mad Cow Hawking's recently. Well, little does he know, little does he know,

  • Thanks Mirza Ghalib, he explains how science has morphed into religion by being forced to believe in abstract and self conflicting theories...

  • He does do that, Salam sahib, and with a perfect sense of timing and humour. Physics or religion, I have a bone to pick with that silly Hawkings and his pronouncements on the existence or non-existence of God. Ah, yes... and recently he was sending all of us humans off to the planets to live. You remember that? So if science has morphed into religion, can it be said that religion has morphed into big business?

  • @MG

    "So if science has morphed into religion, can it be said that religion has morphed into big business? "

    Perfect example being "Global Warming" hoax (exposed as ClimateGate). It is all about making billions trading carbon credits and has nothing to do with science.

  • Nota, spot on times twice. The problem always is with these people, diss what they like, the final hurdle always looms at the end: as you say: where did relativity come from, where did gravity come from, where "did the laws of nature comes from"? The unanswerable question is then shelved until the next time. We, of course, have known the answer all along, have tried to tell them even. Now, I personally have grown so weary of their stupidity, I don't even bother to open my mouth any longer. Still, it made a refreshing change from the usual kind of thread we keep getting on the blog.

  • agreed MG & Nota

    problem with these story tellers is that they can't explain basics such as how gravity works or what is light etc yet they create abstract and 'unimaginable' objects to keep fooling people into complexity and uncomprehending level of there work, but the fact is they are idiots who can't explain basic objects...

  • Lovely, isn't it, Salam Sahib? For once, all of us on the same wavelength! As you put it above: "they are idiots who can't explain basic objects". And then, the height of absurdity, these very people should take it upon themselves to decree for or against the existence of God! Physics, much of the time, is simply a splendid hoax.

  • In 1492 after when all of the Moors were expelled from Spain they left behind a treasure trove of recorded knowledge database in the form of books. A foundation upon which the golden period of renaissance flourished. Quite rapidly at an immense pace rather suddenly a lot was attributed as discoveries and scientific breakthroughs to those who were lying dormant in the dark ages (just to quote a few like the great plague and fire of London as recorded European History).

    Even a mind boggling 1093 patents (Thomas Edison) were known to be drawn by a single person. (Leaves enough reason to doubt if a single person during his entire lifespan could possibly come up with 1093 inventions, all quite different in function and purpose).

    Now after a lapse of few centuries western scientists have slumped back once again and rightfully been labeled as Einstein’s Idiots who can’t even define or explain simple science?

    Quite amusing!