Mr nadeem efff paracha is frustrated

  • Those needing psychiatric treatment most are many among the educated and modern: the chattering classes and their hip, self-contradictory and condescending offspring who have become great fodder for urban radical-conservatism.

  • @Salam

    Somehow this brought to mind the piece by Express Tribune's own Paracha -- I mean Fasi Zaka and his latest offering:

    [Pakistan’s human cockroaches – II

    (A follow-up to his](’s-human-cockroaches-–-ii/) Pakistan’s human cockroaches)

  • thanks nota

    Zaka asks "why ‘kafir’ was written on the coffin of a Hindu youth who died in the Airblue plane crash"

    this idiot doesn't know that there is huge difference in funeral service for muslim & non-muslim (especially hindu) wouldn't it be fair to give proper burial according to deceased's faith or zaka is against dead people's rights :)

  • @Salam

    Why couldnt they just write non-muslim?

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    @khanseena1: I never found you having this much concern for Muslims. Why non-Muslims ? Are they who you identify with ?

    Are you another one of those who who believe in 'minority rights' at a time when majority are being denied theirs ?

    What kind of 'democracy', system of justice do you believe in, btw ?

  • majority is being denied its rights how? where?

    and minority rights are always proetected (as you claimed in another thread) by an Islamic State, so why are you going against the ideals you claim are followed.M.A. Jinnahs vision quaranteed minority rights, how can you claim to override that vision.

    and why do you have to make such a fuss instead of answering a straight forward question.

    Why write 'kafir' could the word nonmuslim not have been written?

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    @Not Possible: (1) Do you see majority of people in Pakistan getting their rights in Pakistan ?

    How do you substantiate this claim ?

    Before talking about minority rights, I want to know your credibility on talking about, on your efforts for ensuring rights of the majority ?

    (2) When did I say minority are not to be given their rights ?

    There is no way I can ever 'override' Mr. Jinnah's vision of allowing minorities their rights inside Pakistan.

    I said, even the majority in Pakistan don't get their rights. At such a time, how can you worry about, how can you raise hue and cry about rights of minorities ?

    Your first priority should be to see to it that the majority, the many, get their rights. If and when that has been ensured, only then is it 'logical' for you to raise hue and cry for minorities. Otherwise, your words are worthless, without credibility.

    Yes, I agree minorities do have rights in a Muslim state. And they will be disseminated to them as per standards of Islam. That is, when they stop being 'belligerent' towards Pakistan, its people, plus when they stop publicly ridiculing beliefs/DEEN of people of Pakistan.

    No one in Pakistan bothers with 'disturbing' minorities in any way what-so-ever, untill and unless they become 'belligerent' towards Pakistan, its people or beliefs/DEEN of people of Pakistan.

  • When did Quaids vision of Pakistan discriminate on the basis of a majority or a minority? He himself was from a minority. Would he have wanted such a discrimination based upon first rights to a majority and then to a minority? would he himself have denied himself rights in his vision of a state?

  • hmmmmmmmmmmmm.... *thinking

    nice point Not Possible.

    it does not matter whether you are majority, minority.

    it does not matter if you are Qadiani, Barelvi, Shia ect.

    I think if one is a simple human being, he should get due rights, due care, due attention.

    technically, one should not need to be a muslim to be an important part of Pakistan. and one is brave, he/she should admit the plight most nonmuslims go through in Pakistan.

    only by admitting we'll make Pakistan Quaid's Pakistan.

  • It could be as simple as a person wanting to let others know that this coffin does not belong to a Muslim,so don't offer naamaz e janaazah for him.Just like if a muslim's last rites are mistakenly performed by hindus then we might get offended similarly there are chances they might get offended if we offer naamaz e janaazah for their dead.

    The person who wrote that could have lacked enough knowledge or education that he does not necessarily have to write 'Kafir' but can even write 'Hindu', then again he may be unsure if he was a 'Hindu' or 'Jain' or for that matter any other minority.

  • Non Muslim could have been a better option and the least offensive.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    @Not Possible: (1) Are Muslims offered jobs in UK, in Europe in the same way, they are offered to people of UK, Europe ?

    (a) If not, why not ?

    (b) What would you call it ?

    (c) Where are minority rights, equality that your preaching to me ?

    (d) Are Muslims treated in UK, Europe in the same way as citizens of UK, Europe ?

    (2) Do Muslims have 'same status' as 'citizens', as non-Muslims have in their nation states/Empires ?

    Why don't they have it ?

    (3) Do you see the Muslim woman who was murdered in cold blood in Germany, inside a court room, her husband was shot somewhere by police, in the same court room for trying to save her, do you see them ever getting justice ?

    Why aren't they getting justice ? What would you call it 'if' they didn't get justice ?

  • (3) Do you see the Muslim woman who was murdered in cold blood in Germany, inside a court room, her husband was shot somewhere by police, in the same court room for trying to save her, do you see them ever getting justice ?/quote

    that was the heinous crime against humanity. never thought that such injustice could be performed in germany.

  • @ Mr Haris Khan

    What is the problem with you going of on a huge discourse.

    Where do you live? UK US?

    DO you know how many people of Pakistani origins live in the UK and US? Do you know they are citizens of that State and are free to practice their religion unlike the persecution, minorities like Shias,Hindus,Christians, Qadiyanis face in this counrey..

    Do you see the minorties in US and UK being killed after being called Kafir in those countries. What Happened in Lahore and Quetta do you not see that? Or are you blind to whats happening around you?

    I got a Job in UK a great Job, so did my family members. I came back to Pakistan of my free will. Dont go off on a blind mantra. Answer my questions .

    Where are minorities more protected in Pakistan??