Will Obama Condemn the Quran Burning?

  • There are some who are using the occasion of 9/11 to inflame anti-Muslim sentiment in the western world, using dangerous rhetoric for petty political gain.

    Leading up to September 11th, messages of hate are intensifying. Western leaders are seen choosing to remain silent on the subject. Instead of remembering the loss with an affirmation of national unity and confidence, some politicians in USA are eager to exploit the tragedy of 9/11 to score political points.

    The fear mongers rallying against the "Ground Zero Mosque" in Manhattan are missing the point altogether as the messages of hatred get nowhere. In fact, they hurt us all.

    This is no longer only about an Islamic centre in Manhattan - there are anti-mosque rallies taking place around the United States, and even reports of arson and gun shots at a mosque in Tennessee.

    The Internet is filled with hatred, and a Florida evangelical Dove World Outreach Centre church with "Islam is of the devil" signs in its front lawn plans is holding an "International Burn A Quran Day," on the ninth anniversary of the Sept 11.

    Right now, every American is faced with a choice: support the wave of religious intolerance, sit on the sidelines and say nothing, or stand up for the fundamental principles claimed to have made this country great; a country with the religious freedom, pluralism, and tolerance.

    All around the world who have stayed at forefront and took the lead in defending tolerance and freedom of religion in the past - could make a difference by speaking out now.

    Pakistan is a country which is already in a state of anarchy and turmoil. All Pakistanis are required to take a route of restrain; specially the religious group and should not indulge in attacking the Christian minorities Churches and other worship places and bring a total unrest in the country.


  • Good conclusion, AK, though it might fall on deaf ears. Specially since US has sent another peace dove to Miranshar, NW, last night, 6 dead.

    Actually, with all the West has done to the Muslim world already, burning Korans should make little difference. Or, for that matter, what BO might have to say about this or any other thing.

    As for West dissidents, they are a more or less an extinct breed. Little hope to be placed in them either.

    Come on, Pakistan. Ignore their stupidities. Let us concentrate on our flood victims, the ultimate hope of our country.

  • @MG

    "Come on, Pakistan. Ignore their stupidities. Let us concentrate on our flood victims..."

    We are :-P


    "CONDOM"? Is that a Fraudian slip of sorts? :)

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    Nice this has been corrected.

    Thanks for pointing out and the vigilant eyes of PKpolitic.

    Anyhow; Sooorry for this slip.

    A Khokar

  • How can any good Christian can burn a book which contains this:

    Jesus (as) in the Quran:


  • When good Christians can drum up religious mayhem to fight not one but many crusades (three are most known) against Muslims then setting on fire a holy book is nothing for them as they have done it losing count of this act of 'religious tolerance'.

    If they do it now then it will bear no significant impact as planned because after all Islam is in hearts and just not on books and will prevail till the final day of judgment.

  • According to the title of this thread US President Obama has already condemned this immoral act of insanity from a lesser known extremist pastor in Florida.


  • @bitterlies

    Love your spin in favor of Obama/West. It never fails. Since when did "pleading" become the interchangeable with "condemning"??? Now that's STREEEETTTCCCCHHHING it :)

  • @lota

    So what do you think President Obama should do? Should Obama kill this insane Florida pastor? Should the American public lynch this extremist pastor? The problem with extremists like you and this Florida pastor is that you guys incite each other deliberately instead of promoting tolerance and respect for each other.

    So what do you think (as a rocket scientist) should Obama do?

  • @bitterlies

    Well, Obama did what he wanted to do: "Plead" to the pastor to quit it. And I am sure if he wanted to condemn him, he would have "condemned" him. Duh!

  • @lota

    So what do you think Obama should encourage public to lynch this Florida pastor? Under US constitution and Laws, President does not have the right to do more than his powers; this is not Islamabad where a decade ago supporters of Nawaz Sharif stormed Supreme court building to attack Chief justice office. Remember impeachment of Bill Clinton over his affair with a White House worker.

    Get a life! We live in a civilized world Not the world of Sialkot where lynching is an acceptable pastime for people to kill two young kids.

  • First Shaheed before anything happen imagen what would happen if they did.

    پادری کیخلا ف احتجا ج ،افغا نیوں کا نیٹو اڈے پر دھار ،جوابی

    فائر نگ سے ایک شہید

    ہزاروں افراد نے نیٹو اڈے پر دھاوا بول دیا۔گورنر بدخشاں کے مطابق دس ہزار سے زائد افراد نماز عید کے بعد سڑکوں پر نکل آئے اور امریکا کے خلاف نعرے لگائے۔ مظاہرین نے نیٹو اڈے کی جانب بڑھنے کی کوشش کی اور پتھر برسائے جس پر اتحادی فوج نے نہتے افراد پر فائرنگ کر دی۔ نیٹو کا یہ فوجی اڈہ جرمن فوج کے زیر انتظام ہے


    Obama Defends Handling of Pastor with Quran-Burning Plans

    U.S. President Barack Obama says the government was "obligated" to make it clear to the U.S. pastor planning to burn copies of the Quran that his actions would threaten U.S. troops.Mr. Obama said it was necessary to take the issue seriously because it could cause the U.S. what he described as "profound damage around the world." He pointed to the response riots in Kabul as an example.


  • Muslim protestors are over-emotional and losing lives in their own country where this insane pastor in Florida has decided to cancel his stupid act on Saturday. Same loss of lives was seen during protests against Dannish Newspaper cartoon. An average one dozens protestors lost their lives in the capital cities of every Mulsim country. This is insane to protest so violenltly that forces Police opens fire to control crowd.

    Peaceful protest is the way to go to vent anger against this stupid pastor.

  • Good..Better stay away from Punjab as it is not home ground for ethnic political exploitation.

    Sialkot, Gujarat, Wazirabad and Gujranwala are packed with those who were once muhajirs but now they are Pakistanis. A mere mention of the word muhajir is taboo; unlike pseudo muhajirs 'jin key podeeney ke baghat they' and on the strength of podeeney key baghat they secured choice properties in Sindh, (Karachi and Hyderabad) . Still they love to be identified as muhajirs because of continued hijrah that failed to end even after a lapse of 63 years.

    Why to lynch a religious fanatic of a moron who belongs to racist/extremist outfits like KKK that are very much active in your kuku land.

  • President Obama has shown leadership by condemning this immoral act of insanity by an insane Florida pastor. He has risen himself to the occasion.

    Well Done Mr. President

  • The First Victims

    Afghan protester 'shot dead' at Qur'an rally (10.9.10)

    Crowds attack Nato base in Faizabad to protest against US pastor's planned burning of Qur'an.


  • @MG

    It is so sad a loss of a humanbeing because of this protest rally. Restraint is what we need at this time; and should continue our protest peacefully against this moron Florida pastor.

  • ST, I quite agree with you on this. The Afghan protestor was shot down by NATO troops. Let's hope he's the first and the last of the victims of the person you call so rightly "this moron Florida pastor".

  • @bitterlies

    "President Obama has shown leadership by condemning this immoral act of insanity..."

    Utterly shameless. He NEVER "condemned" it as I pointed out (TWICE) above. So stop with this BLATANT LIE. You seeking employment as a paid shill for Obama or looking for employment in some Rupert Murdoch rag??

  • Thousands of Afghans in anti-Quran-burning protest (9/11)

    KABUL, Afghanistan – Afghans set fire to tires in the streets and shouted "Death to America" for a second day Saturday despite a decision by an American pastor to call off plans to burn copies of the Islamic holy book.

    The protests, the largest drawing a crowd estimated at more than 10,000 people, continued despite a decision by a Florida pastor to call off plans to burn copies of the Quran on the ninth anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in the United States that triggered the war in Afghanistan.

    The pastor, Terry Jones, told NBC on Saturday that "we feel that God is telling us to stop" the Quran burning, which had stirred outrage among millions of Muslims and others worldwide.

    "We're not going to go back and do it," Jones said, referring to the planned burning. "It is totally canceled."

    But in a country where most people have limited access to newspapers, television and the Internet, most Afghans were unaware of Jones' decision. The Taliban have been distributing pamphlets decrying Jones' plans, claiming they showed the Americans were in Afghanistan to wage war against Islam.