Islamic State free of persecution on muslims by muslims

  • According to Islam all human beings have a right to live, practice their beleifs free of persecution.

    If there were to be an Islamic State who will be the incorruptable, infallible person to rule it. And if that rulere comes from a corrupt and greedy people, would he then not be a corrupt ruler, regardless of the fact he is leader of an Islamic state, or would that leader by virtue of being an Islamic leader be sinless?

  • NP, No true Islamic leader was ever allowed immunity from persecution for his crimes as you know. The only incorruptible among "leaders" I know of is Mullah Omar. But I doubt he'd be acceptable in Pakistan. No such to be found here, alas. So perhaps no Islamic State, after all?

  • NP, it seems that your definition of islamic state is like a holy man with a long white beard ordering people to obey his commands, his desires and imposes what he pleases??

    there is no such thing as holyman running the state, islamic state is package of code of systems that govern affairs of people according to text

    if you accept to be ruled by what you believe in then you have the right to give bayah to the leader, you could also lead the people if you think you have administrator quality, you are not publicly corrupt etc etc.. it is quite simple-

  • Democracy dosent desire corruption, no stated system of the world states corruption or being lead by the corrupt as its goals.

    For me Islam is empowerment of the helpless, Islam frees mankind from oppression and tyranny, it is meant to bring peace and order to peoples life, where people can profes to follow their beliefs in freedom, in so far as their faith dosent impede on others. Equality, Justice, are the hallmarks of an Islamic system, such should be prevelant in any Islamic government.

    Pakistan is already an Islamic Republic, If Imran Khan lets say tommorow was made ruler and he wasnt corrupt then the ideals of an Islamic governance would stand achieved.

  • OK, we could give IK a chance, I suppose. He might be the right man to reconcile us all and bring about an Islamic state.