Kissing Balochistan Goodbye

  • With most of the country suffering floods, going bankrupt, guess what is your govt up to? Well see these barfs from Rehman Malik:

    (He is threatening "Swat-like military op in Balochistan saying "I'll deal with them with a stick!")

    I say, "Bring it on, MoFu!" ;-)

    An English version of RM's offering:

    Force only option to restore order in Balochistan: Malik

  • good catch Nota, i was just wondering if someone deliberated on this sensitive issue and just found that a thread is already in place

    this call by rehman malik must be scrutinized on why he made such a call at this time? Why suddenly so many threads linked with war on terror have opened up? depressing and depressing situation...

  • it is the height of Governing abilities .

    i am speechless .

  • @Beenai

    "We have been using the STICK for 60+ years but IT IS NOT WORKING (in fact it is making the problem worse). So, naturally, from now on we are going to use the STICK!": RM


    BTW: This gives weight to my "CT" that someone else did Quetta blast (and as I have repeated many times -- it was NOT sectarian attack as being spun as it was on Al-Quds Rally). Now I will point the finger towards the GOVT -- I say it is behind that blast to use it as an excuse for launching yet another military op in Balochistan.

  • @nota ,

    yah , the reason is ,carrots has already been eaten by so called Govt and law makers.

  • @Beenai:

    Added a bit to my comment above...

  • @nota ,

    agreed . but i am surprised ,why Govt wants another front to be open up ?

  • @Beenai

    Why? You tell me. Has to be master's orders. Only objective I see is bringing this to reality:

    Or does any one have another explanation?

    Source of above map talks about the same (it was written at time of Sri Lanka team attack):

  • har jagha aag laga do .

    Rehman Malik ka ailaan .

  • ABDUL RAHMAN Malik only knows how to make messes

    i think he hasnt heard that if u dont have a good face you should atleast say something nice.........

  • Rehman Mike ka khayal hay kay usski .

  • uski kya g?

  • Political leadership Zardari, Gilani and Nawaz Sharif were trying to stop operation in Balouchistan with out any success. RM's statement shows they might be on-board soon. The stick that RM is referring to is being used for years now.

    If we didn't have operation in Karachi MQM might have succeeded in their separatist agenda. In Balouchistan Punjabis are forced out. They are killed and are forced to sell their properties at literally pennies. I know someone who recently sold their house for Rs 30,000 in Quetta and moved out. A local Balouch would have sold that house for Rs 7,500,000.

    Separatist movements and insurgencies are crushed there is no other option. If you succeed you see results like in Karachi, Kashmir, Indian Punjab, LTTE otherwise fall of Bangladesh or United States of America where insurgents successfully defeated troops.

  • We are losing Balochistan fast may be faster than we have thought. Some trouble maker anti-Pakistani elements are responsible for all the troubles in Balochistan. So without getting rid of them, we cannot restore peace and normalcy in Balochistan. Exteranl elements are also using these local trouble makers to worsen the situation. It is time for action and to get rid of all the trouble makers.

  • You want to get rid of external elements then first build schools, hospitals, shops, give them what rightfully belongs to them, build a honest police force that works for the people and not for the ministers.

  • @shirazi

    "Separatist movements and insurgencies are crushed there is no other option. If you succeed you see results like in Karachi, Kashmir, Indian Punjab, LTTE otherwise fall of Bangladesh or United States of America where insurgents successfully defeated troops."

    I'm putting my money of "otherwise" :)

  • @zoab khan

    Will your local sardars allow building of schools, roads and hospitals?

    Who has kept Balochistan the most backward and less educated province? Answer is local Baloch sardars

  • Sweettruth,

    Recently we are listening about Zamzama Gas Field in Dadu, Loadshedding is increased in Karachi due to closure of this Gas filed. That show it is very important and productive. Can anybody tell me why local people are not employed there? Why there is no development in the area from the money earned from the Gas field.

    There are no Baluch Sardars there.

    Same is the case with Badin Oil Field, Qadir Pur Gas Field, Mari Gas Field, Chundko Gas Field. All these are in interior Sindh. The poorest part of Pakistan like Baluchistan.

  • @pakistani47

    The areas which you are Talking about came under Sindh Province and their Wadera Shahi is on its Peak in all those areas....Talking about Hiring Locals then there is a Multi million $$$ invest involve in these gas Fields and they require a person having Education but I dont think people there have this facility compare to Urban population where most people are Hired and another reason is QUOTA SYSTEM due to which most hired are From Punjab province that is another reason why their is Unrest in the region...

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