Another sign Pakistan to be the next Iraq?

  • Another Baghdad-"Vet" makes it to Pakistan...

    Cameron Munter ‘new US ambassador’

    "...Mr Munter’s most recent posting was in Baghdad where he served as the political-military adviser to the US ambassador directing strategic planning and American civil-military coordination during the military drawdown there.

    According to his career chart, he has rich experience of working in countries in transition, including stints in Belgrade, Prague and Warsaw. In 2006, he briefly headed provincial reconstruction team in Mosul (Iraq). He has also served in Nato, which is relevant for his current assignment.

    Mr Munter, 56, is known for delivering strong messages."

    Ah so he is another "bulldozer" like Holbrooke. I did like the term "rich experience" used by Dawn. He isn't even here yet and already they are kissing his b@lls (BTW: Are we a "country in transition"? From what to what?). And we all know how well "Mosul reconstruction" went ;-)

    BTW: This bit gave me the giggles:

    Though the White House is yet to announce Mr Munter’s posting, it has got Islamabad’s concurrence

    (As if Islamabad could do anything different)

    So get familiar with the @ss who's @ss you will see your leaders kissing daily: