Pakistanis put faith in charities linked to terrorism

  • Pakistanis put faith in charities linked to terrorism

    Matt Wade in Lahore - September 6, 2010

    Pakistanis are donating to a flood-relief appeal run by a front organisation for a banned terrorist group because they believe it to be more effective and trustworthy than others soliciting support, especially the government.

    Fund-raising centres for the charity Falah-e-Insaniat Foundation (FIF) operate across Pakistan, especially Lahore, where the terrorist group Jama'at-ud-Da'wah (JuD) is based.

    "They can't close us down" ... Muhammad Waqas and fellow volunteers at a Falah-e-Insaniat Foundation collection camp in Lahore said.

    Such is the influence of the group that volunteers at collection ''camps'' say they have been able to ignore police requests for them to shut down.

  • Nota started a thread on the subject just the other day. I wanted to add this to it, but failed to find the thread in question. Sorry. Long live Pakistanis for knowing what the right thing to do is.

  • @MG

    Maybe you were looking for this:

    Thou Shalt NOT Help The Flood Victims...

  • Mirza Sahib-

    And when I say that the Future is Taliban-

    there are a lot of people go up in a frenzy.

    Well, now you are saying the same thing in a different way!

    Let us see when the cannons of the champions of human and women's rights start firing at you!

  • People support charities run by honest people, be in LeT, Imran Khan, Talat/Kashif, Jamat-e-Islami, etc.

  • Nota, thanks. How come I failed to see it? Anyway, this rightly belongs there. A response to that horror of a decision on the part of the non-governance.

    Shimatoree, The thing is, all that remains of value in our hands at the moment is Islam, never mind what anyone else says. Islam alone is our source of strength in our terrible predicament. We see that in Afghanistan, we see it here. Now let them come with their "rights" stories if they like. Some of us really do know where RIGHT really lies. And by some I mean the majority of the Pakistanis.

    ajamal: Quite right. We, too, have woken up to the truth at long last. We know honesty does exist in this country and make a beeline for it.