Ijaz Butt narrowly escapes 'chitrol' on arrival.....

  • Todays news:Ijaz butt caught off guard was spell bound for a while at the airport. He just managed to mumble a few words while in a dazed stupor kept ogling at the crowd shouting anti pcb slogans that was present in spite of his arrival in secret.

    He was escorted out of the airport by police thus narrowly escaping chitrol. One shoe was shown lying on the ground perhaps as a warning to what lies in wait for him in case he won't step down from pcb chairmanship.

  • And this SOB was dheet enough to still not get the message.

  • Zoab Khan bhai he is dheet beygharaiti ki hadd tk.

  • interpol and S yard are investigating whole case... i hope they will get Ijaz Butt and other big guns

  • Three disgraced players captain Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Aamir are departing from London today. I expect public to greet them with shoes as well.

    Writing is on the wall; one day the cricket world will ban Pakistan to play cricket and no cricket playing country will invite us to play with them.