SHOCKING VIDEO of Kashmiri boys forced to walk naked!

  • " Aman ki Asha" ?

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  • @shimatoree

    "Aman ki Asha"?

    Hey, that's my line :)

  • Another dark side of a much talked about world's largest democracy who pledged Plebiscite/referendum for Kashmiris.

  • nota-

    sorry for not giving credit to you- but it appeared to me to be the only comment that effectively conveyed my thoughts.

    Those that wish to make peace with the Indian will find reasons to deflect from this- of that I am sure.

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  • i wish some ghairatmand pakistani jurnail come forward and help poor oppressed people-

  • Ghairatmand jurnaaails on their way sir!

  • Why exacrly should this video be more shocking than the fact that Kashmiris are being starved to death on a daily basis in the hopes that they will thus submit to Indian demands? I hold official Pakistan as much to blame for the plight of our Kashmiri brothers and soldiers as I do the degenerate Indian army and its leaders.

  • you said it better mirza ghalib -Pakistan govt & people can not be excused of their responsibility-

  • Thank you, Salam Sahib. You went even beyond what I allowed myself to say and captured the essence of my meaning.

    To All: If you have any time at all, may I ask you to visit the Al Faath thread on this blog and read what Ameerul Momineen Mullah Omar has to say to us all in his Eid greetings. I found it a humbling experience.

  • These things are what every Successful struggle been through and now its Kashmiri's turn to go through that...Kashmir's Political Struggle has gain more Momentum compare to Militant and this is the way Forward for them cause militancy was effecting this struggle by making it Violent in front of the World but now things have took different angle...This time India cant Use any propaganda against this struggle...

  • gazi23-

    Your quote- " These things are what every Successful struggle been through and now its Kashmiri's turn to go through that"

    You obviously and by design do not mention one of such successful struggles. Your comment is meaningless and has no foundation.

    To communicate- one needs to speak a language that one';s adversary understands.

    The Indians do not understand your PUSSY FOOTING language of sheepish BA Ba. The wolrd does not give 2 shits about the Kashmiris struggle and has not even given one shit for it

    The Indian only understand the language of force.

    Now the choice is yours. You can either communicate in the language that they understand or keep BLEATING like sheep to the slaughter

  • @shimatoree

    Do you wanna know successful struggle then Pakistan is one of it where people been through same...I know its looks appealing that we should Start Jihad for Kashmir and Blah Blah but the reality is that these things Weakened their struggle cause it create two problems...

    1. Making the Whole struggle violent hence easily becomes Target of External intervention instead of pure Kashmir struggle...

    2. Demotivate kashmiris cause they started thinking that When others are Fighting our war then why dont we do something else....

    These two things were the reason why Kashmir Struggle failed...These are the only reasons why World dont give Damn about Kashmir cause Firstly World scared to even Enter Kashmir secondly Indian Propaganda of Pakistani Interference is also very Strong so If Pakistan Ban those groups then its become Crystal Clear that No Pakistan Intervention and if those organizations completely Removed from Kashmir then Tourism and other things started and the World itself come and see kashmir and also Listen to Kashmir as well...

  • gazi23-

    Over one million dead and you call that a peaceful struggle! That certainly is a reach.

    I do not wish to offend but I am forced to say that Sir, your logic is flawed and self serving. Whether the Kashmiris fight or the Jihadis fight- that is the only language that the Indian will understand. Nothing else will do.

    End of story.

  • The worse 'd be what they 'd do with them in police stations. If this becomes new tool for police imagine how it will be used in Pushtoon belt especially Bannu area :)

  • @shimatoree

    Then you think that Guns and Ammunition would stop 700000+ Indian Forces and with their most superior Weapons which they use could stop them or Are you expecting Pakistan Army to go their and LIBERATE Kashmir....

    Both cases their is Dead Bodies and Both cases their are Killings and as we know about Indian Image in the World at least Political Struggle can Lower down the Killing cause no Justification but Armed Struggle means Kill anyone from old to kid Pakistan Army Intervention could end up Pakistan as OPPRESSOR Instead of Liberator so Let Kashmiri Fight the war and Support them Deplomatically that is the key here....

  • Our (both India and Pakistan) emotional quotient runs very high on Kashmir. It's not that we are like east and west Germany, north and south Korea, US and Mexico, Palestine and Israel; one poor and other affluent. Both India and Pakistan are failed states, among the poorest on the globe. India had consistent democracy we hadn't. Other than that there is not much difference between two failed neighbors. We both have per capita income hovering around $1000. We both have our share of insurgencies, religious in-tolerance, poor human rights record and even worse for minorities, same social and economic issues power shortages, water crisis, inflation, unemployment, corruption, drinking water, illiteracy and the list goes on and on. They may edge out each other in one indicator or another but when we compare to rest of the globe (minus Africa) both are at rock bottom.

    An outsider analyzing this dispute will be baffled. What difference 'd it make if Kashmir is controlled by one side or the other? How it will address all other issues? Instead of competing in health, education and civic infrastructure we prefer arms race. We do not build hospitals and schools and generate employments instead we both give hard earned tax money to our Armies who despite having nuclear deterant are growing. Now that we have nuclear weapons and our armies can't go after each other. Both are using tax money to buy latest weapons from west, fueling their economies, and use it on our own civilians.

    On both sides of the border masses are crushed by rising inflation and that money is not buying us material comforts better roads or infrastructure - it's giving us explosives from suicide attacks, drone attacks, carpet bombing, artillery fire, one military operation after another. But on both sides of the border we are sticking to our guns; can't breathe without Kashmir.

  • Shirazi, you said some very sensible things about the similarities between India and Pakistan. I might object to the terms "failed states" or "democracy" in connection with India, but otherwise it was very close to the truth.

    NOw what difference would it make if Kashmir were controlled by one side or the other? Firstly, in the name of justice. The Kashmiris were promised a plebiscite 63 years ago as you no doubt remember. And they haven't forgotten either. And secondly because the Kashmiris themselves want out of India. You remember their clairon call: Nanga Bhooka Hindustan, Jaan se pyara Pakistan?

    According to your argument, the Palestinians should give in to the Israelis as well, the Afghans to the West, etc. If this were to happen, we might suddenly discover we'd ceased to be Muslims. After which the realisation might well hit us that we may as well cease to be alive.