Look at the damage Saudi Wahabi/Salafi are doing to Islam in the name of Islam

  • All I see is a story about Russian Muslim rebels and bombing which followed by anti Islam remarks by ignorant Americans.

    What it has to do with Salafis/Whabis? Why a misleading title of the thread??

  • @Dusky

    "What it has to do with Salafis/Whabis? Why a misleading title of the thread?? "

    'Cause they are too lazy to find something and their "beliefs" are spoon-fed to them. @Not Possible and the like think it's their duty to yell "bloody murder" whenever a ticker reports something resembling "jihad" crosses their boob-tube. Learnt it from Bush yelping "There are WMDs in Iraq" :-P

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    is it possible that you stop inciting hatred and work for muslim unity? don't be so narrow minded-

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  • I am not enticing anything, please people read the comments below, that people, ignorant Americans are giving, see how they are abusing Islam, Quran, muslims, read the comments below.

    Who caused Islamic radicalisation, where does the violent jihadi, intolerant Islam most emanate from? the type of Islam that is tarninshing the true image of Islam and muslims. Who is responsible in putting a fanatical face to Islam?

  • @Not Possible:

    "ignorant Americans are giving, see how they are abusing Islam, Quran, muslims, read the comments below."

    Again, What it has to with Wahabis/Salafis?? And how you can blamed them for remarks stopis ars people are making?

  • Not Possible,

    Please do not post such ridiculous news stories with your unwarranted comments about the so called salafi and Wahabis. No one knows who is behind those bombings. What proof do you have to say talk about Wahabis etc?

    What do you know about Russia in general and Muslims there in particular?

    Let me give you some background of what's happening. Islam reached Caucasus mountains before the Khilafa of Ali RA long before it reached the sub continent. Muslims suffered large scale genocide all through history starting with Czars, Communists and now Putin the war criminal. Stalin killed 29 Million and half of them were Muslims. The freedom struggle in Caucasus started 300 years back by Imam Mansour long before Saudi Arabia was created.

    After the collapse of communism and the defeat of red army in Afghanistan, some of the autonomous republics got independance. However, when the Muslims in Caucasus asked for the same, hell broke loose and full scale war started. The Russian Army, the inheritors of red army is still more than the population of Caucasus. There is continous genocide since then with deafening silence from so called International community including Muslim countries.

    Now let me tell you about "terrorism" in Russia. The war in Caucasus started in 1999 right AFTER bomb blasts in apartment buildings in Russia blamed on Muslims. Please note it is same story when America started the so called war on terror after the 9/11 attacks. In case of Russia independant observors and former KGB agent have blamed Russia itself for orchestrating the bombings to unleash the war. Remember the former KGB agent Alexander Litnivenko who was poisoned to death in London by the Russian secret service for exposing Russian involvement in mass murder. BTW. Alexander embraced Islam and requested Muslim burial in London just before his death. He was buried as a Muslim in a London cemetery.

    And when Muslim volunteers from other Muslim countries went there to help the oppressed Muslims they were branded Wahabis by Putin the war criminal.

    These kind of bombings done against civilian areas are work of Russian secret service as they are losing the war and have to justify their presence. BTW, There is nothing common between the Russians and Muslims of Caucasus. They have entirely different religion, culture and language. Russia is still desperately trying to hold on to its former colonies. It is about time for them to leave the Muslims alone and worry about their country.

    Lastly the occupation of Afghanistan led to the collapse of communism and dismemberment of Soviet Union. The war in Caucasus will insha'allah lead to the collapse of Russia and freedom of the long oppressed Muslims.


  • And long live US! Is that your conclusion, AR? How come you tell us all the cheap west propaganda stuff against Russia as though it couldn't be questioned at all (the A. Litnivenko story is a case in point) and yet claim to be against US policies.

    I do know Russians, know how many mistakes they've made in the past, know they are a nation not necessarily well versed in techniques of governance. But I'll tell you one thing: they are a hundred times better than anything US and the rest of the west can offer us in any field. Russians are not even given credit for letting all their ex-provinces go without a shot being fired. They are the only nation in Europe carrying on a fight against Zionists - and all we hear is how much they are under Jewish domination.

    AR, I know you're an extremely honest person. I do respect your concern for the Caucasian Muslims. But still: just one question for you: If you call Putin a war criminal, just what term should one use to describe people like W. Bush, Tony Blair, B. Obama and the leaders of various NATO countries who've been busy killing Muslims for the past almost ten years?

    There would be other questions to be asked as well, such as the Saudi-CIA funding of the resistance movement, etc., but we'll skip that for the time being.

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  • in my humble opinion russians are better than americans and the company

  • so our love for sectarianism is never gonna end yeh?

  • The solution to sectarianism is not to assume there are no sects.

    There are groups, or schools of thought, that typically rejoice in violence, bad mouthing, and takfeer. eg. are Wahabis, the followers of Syed Qutb, or Maududi etc.

    And there are groups, or schools of thought, that give prominence to peace, problem solving by looking inward instead of conspiracies, and not blaming others by takfeer.

    Only the most naive can assume that there are no visibly different schools of thought (called sects).

    Even when we are all Muslims, many of us don't like to be associated with the Taliban for example. WHY? Such differences are the basis of sects. The taliban are not "stupid" to act the way they do. They simply have their own interpretations of Quran and Hadith.

    And as for difference of opinion, it is NOT to be avoided.. discussions and difference of opinion should remain alive till the Day of Judgment. The problem starts when one group takes up violence against the other when they can't convince the other through dialog.

    And we must condemn every group of that behaviour.

  • wise words hardrighter