What is Yahoodi Lobby?

  • It is said that Yahoodi lobby spreads all of the problems in daily life. That poor yahoodi lobby gets the credit and blamed for all threats (if they get blamed for flood and things like that they are really poor).

    My friend said, TV was invented to spoil muslims by that lobby, yahudi lobby is the one who sends girls for arabs to move them away from Islam. All fahashi is being spread by that yahoodi lobby. List never ends. (Oh i forgot, in this forum term Zionist is used for the same purpose widely)

    What the heck is that Yahoodi lobby? What do they really do?

  • exactly what you are doing

  • @Not Possible

    exactly what you are doing

    Usual hate speech, anyway i am unable to understand the answer from you reply.

    I think in next posts i should add a note that anyway having bad feelings for me should not try to reply. Discussions should have no biasness.