Taliban close to victory- BBC

  • Mullah Omar says Afghan Taliban close to victory

    Taliban leader Mullah Omar says his fighters are winning the war in Afghanistan and that the Nato-led campaign has been "a complete failure".

    In a rare statement, the shadowy leader called on US President Barack Obama to withdraw his troops "unconditionally and as soon as possible".

    Nato has boosted its presence in Afghanistan to 150,000 soldiers in a bid to finally defeat militants.

    However, the US has set July 2011 to begin withdrawal, if conditions allow.

    Critics of the move say it has emboldened the Taliban.

    Mullah Omar's statement, which marked the end of the Muslim festival of Ramadan, was posted on jihadist websites and relayed by the Site Intelligence Group.

    "The victory of our Islamic nation over the invading infidels is now imminent and the driving force behind this is the belief in the help of Allah and unity among ourselves," he said.

    "In the time to come, we will try to establish an Islamic, independent, perfect and strong system."

    He claimed that those behind the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan which overthrew the Taliban "admit themselves that all their strategies are nothing but a complete failure".

    He also commanded his fighters to observe the Taliban's code of conduct and avoid harming civilians.

    Spiritual head

    Mullah Omar is still considered the spiritual head of the Taliban in Afghanistan, although others are believed to be in day-to-day command of the hardline movement.

    He has not been seen in public for years and is believed to be hiding in Pakistan.

    President Obama ordered a further 30,000 US troops to Afghanistan last December following a review of the war.

    Gen David Petraeus, who commands US and Nato forces in Afghanistan, said last month he saw "areas of progress" in the war and that momentum by the militants had been checked in their strongholds of Kandahar and Helmand.

    He has made winning civilian hearts and minds a key part of his strategy to defeat the Taliban.

    However, Afghan President Hamid Karzai has said that civilian casualties were undermining the counter-insurgency in his country.

    He also said that US plans to begin withdrawing troops next year have given the Taliban "a morale boost".

  • ہزاروں خواشیں اسی کے ہر خوائش پی دم نکلے

    بوہت نکلے میرے ارمان لکن پھر بھی کم نکلے

  • shirazi

    your sher perfectly fits on the defeated secular/atheists and belongings.

  • this is right, after failing in afghanistan they are trying to twist arm of pakistan to force them lunch military operations inside FATA especially north waziristan agency... that is one reason we see SURGE in attacks on pakistan but traitor kiyani is fully on board with this policy-

  • Shimatoree, I congratulate you on choosing to honour the Afghan Resistance as the month of Ramzan slowly nears its end. They are the greatest fighting force in the world. And unlike our own "traitor" Kiyani, their C-in-C can never be faulted.

  • Mirza Sahib:

    a most heartfelt thanks to you.

    I have decided to bare my commenting " teeth " and from now on no mercy shall be shown to the trumpeters of westoxication!

  • shimatoree bhai

    yes you are right. religious extremists not believe in the word 'mercy'.

  • your one liner teasers do remind me of adnak but then my friend mirza ghalib tells me that you are not that guy..

  • Is something like that happening in reality or dreams? LOL

  • Dear Salam Sahib, are we back to the adnak story? You've never really forgiven me for that, have you? I didn't mean to hurt or harm anyone, specially not you.

    I had a bad run in with adnak when I started off here and he had a foul tongue and not the least trace of sensitivity. Achtung, on the other hand, can often talk nonsense about serious matters and then, suddenly, out of the blue, he says something which makes great sense. And he's not deprived of heart either. It still seems to me the two are not the one and same person. If I've been mistaken all along, for I, like many others, have been granted no immunity in matters of error, I humbly beg your pardon.

  • sorry mirza ghalib, didn't mean to hurt you at all

    i just find these one liner sarcastic remarks annoying and remind me of someone who used to do same, that is all -nothing more

  • Thanks, Salam Sahib, I knew I could count on you.

    BTW, remember our common friend amin? Someone once insulted him, much to my disgust which I gave vent to after he'd gone, and that person was not of this blog at all. It takes all sorts, Salam Sahib, it takes all sorts. People who cherish dignity above all and others who haven't even a notion of what the word might mean.

  • Achtung-

    Thanks for Islamic extremist label.

  • shimatoree, RE comment above: Give them all you've got, the trumpeters. Our full backing on every such occasion is wholly yours.

  • shimatoree bhai

    i tell you i have respect for you in my heart. i also realize my above comment was emotional or not justified.

    so, i take back my words. i hope you will accept it.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    Great!. The sooner! the better!.

    I'm counting days, when Muslims re-establish their government in Afghanistan/Khuarasan.

  • Another distasteful title of the thread simply to promote a death cult.

    Where is this coward mulla Umar clown is hiding? Last time he was seen fleeing on the back of a motor bike. Why doesn't he come forward?

    What a coward fugitive he is!!

  • ST, tell me one thing please. If you can curse the Afghan Resistance, what do you say to the cowardly west led by US showering death and destruction on Afghanistan over the past nine and a half years? Why don't they go home and let the Afghans get on with their lives?

    Just asking, in case you have some answer to this question that often haunts me. Mullah Omar lives in Afghanistan, or had you forgotten? The West, as far as I can rememeber, are not the natural citizens of this part of the world.

  • The Islamic Sharia is COMING.

    There is NOTHING that the running dogs, lackies and 3rd rate wannabee brown clones of the West can do to stop it.

    Once it comes - it will be here to stay.

    So , grow a beard and wear your pants high above your ankles!

    It will be good training to make you ready for the future.

  • Troops of NATO did not come to Afghanistan for sight seeing vacations; they came to catch/punish those people who were using land of Afghanistan to carry out attacks in their country. They came here to secure their city streets and underground railway system which were attacked by people who used land of Afghanistan to hatch deadly plots of bombing their cities.