More humanity from the West!

  • @shimatoree

    Isn't this normal behavior from the civilized/humanist West? They have been doing this since the days of Columbus :

    The troopers cut off the vulvas of Indian women, stretched them over their saddle horns, then decorated their hatbands with them; some used the skin of brave's scrotums and the breasts of Indian women as tobacco pouches,

    then showed off these trophies, together with the noses and ears of some of the Indians they had massacred, at the Denver Opera House.

    to the Spanish War AND at home

    We can but look back at the pages of American history stained with the blood of Negroes; stink with the burning bodies of our people hanging from trees; bitter with the groans of our tortured loved ones from whose living bodies ears, fingers, toes have been cut for souvenirs—living bodies into which red-hot pokers have been thrust. All because of a hate created in the minds of men and women by their masters who keep us all under their heels while they suck our blood, while they live in their bed of ease by exploiting us.

    (The above is specially interesting for a Negro is using it to justify committing same atrocities)

    through WWII

    Soldiers have brought home souvenirs of war for as long as there have been battles to provide them. Archive footage of the 1942-5 Pacific war was recently discovered showing US soldiers shooting wounded Japanese and using bayonets to hack at the corpses while looting them. Ex-servicemen told of the widespread practice of carrying off gold teeth, ears and heads from dead - and sometimes still living - Japanese soldiers. In the Vietnam war there were similar reports of decapitation (and photographs of soldiers proudly holding the heads) and of severed ears and fingers.

    to the Vietnam War

    ...tortured and executed prisoners and cut off their ears as souvenirs and to make into necklaces....

    And Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • The degenerate army of India, the psychopathic army of the West! Nothing new under the sun. Only from the Muslim armed forces can we expect some principles and compassion on and off the battlefield. Heck, the Muslims invented the much-touted, long-forgotten Geneva Conventions.

  • Sort of's another story from the Mecca of SecLibs: The Hague

    The Criminalization of Justice at The Hague: Former Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte Faces Charges of Witness Intimidation

    (BTW: It has always been criminal; another institution to put up a mirage of justice, it's only job being to cover up bigger atrocities by waving smaller ones)

  • nota, a hundred per cent with you on above. As my favourite blogger says (after you, of course, nota): Nothing good for mankind has ever come out of the west in all of its 2000 years of saxonic existence.

  • @MG

    This too might be from your favorite blogger:

    "West beast slakes its evil on defenceless children. Never in its entire 2000 yr blood-soaked history has the west pervert dared to touch armed people. For that, it requires legions of whores and daft proxies."

    (How could I even come close ;-) )