Zakir naik exposed

  • The following is a videos in which Zakir naik sends gods blessings on Yazid (bastard) I would clarify that i am a Sunni and Deobandi so plz dunt start blaming me for being baised but i am even more offended then a Shia could be after hearing this nonsense:

    hear it at 0:48 he says "Yazid may allah be pleased with him which means Yazid Rasitallah unahoon (naousobillah)

    here is his reply to his critics where he again patronises Yazid:

    here is a speech he made in defense of yazid:

  • Gunner, It is YOU not Zakir Naik, who is exposed by your sectarian inflamatory post.

    Moderator, Please delete this post as it is not appropriate. That story came several years back and Zakir is still alive and engaged in his Dawa work. He has been able to do lot of conversions of Hindus and works right under the nose of RSS and Shiv Sena thugs in Bombay.

    Why post it now?

  • really abdul rehman so u find nothing wrong with someone calling praising yazid?....

  • @AR

    "Gunner, It is YOU not Zakir Naik, who is exposed by your sectarian inflamatory post."

    Maybe you should say Gunner was exposed AGAIN. :)

  • exposed for what may I ask? for saying yazeed is bad and anyone who says yazeed is bad is bad too? You think gunnerz30 was wrong to say this? who are you people?

  • I think Dr. Zakir presented a Hadith in his defense that Yazid was captain in battle of Qustuntunia and Prophet said that everyone of that battle will go to Jannah.

  • @life H20

    He did qoute a hadith and i am sorry to say that qouted it completely out of context go read the hadith for urself it says clearly ;"Those who wage the first war on qustuntunia will enter jannah" the first war was in 42 hijri of WHICH YAZID WAS NOT PART OF ... muslims attacked Qustuntunia every year for 8 consecutive years and finally succeded in 50 hijri which was the 8th army to attack Qustunia ... i challange anyone over here go read the hadith it says first army to attack not the army that captures Qustuntunia ...(the fact that Yazid was not part of the first but the 8th army to attack qustunia is mentioned in many islmic history books the most prominent among them is IBN-E-KHULDOOM which by the way was WRITTEN BY A SUNNI) ...

    when someone who wants to defend Yazid accepts my challange for a debate on this forum i will DISCLOSE MORE CLOSED DRAWERS AND HIDDEN ASCPECTS OF YAZIDS INVOVMENT IN THE BATTLE OF QUSTUNIA among other things...

    i repaet i can prove that the hadith has been qouted out of contxt from other sources if someone wants me to..

    Again i had deep respect for Zakir Naik before i saw this video and still respect the services he rendered to Islam but this act of glorifying Yazid is inddefensible and my aim is that DR.Zakir naik should apologise to the muslim ummah for this


  • Allah Ki Qasam If Janat has Yazeed then I would want to go to Dozakh

  • Sorry to all haters of Yazeed.

    Is is possible that it was a different story, i mean that some ***** people killed all those innocents leaving an expression that they were people of Yazeed while they were also enemies of Yazeed.

    If Yazeed was really that bad he must not be praised by any single muslim. What do you think why other muslims are not against him?

  • Everyone is against Yazeed 99% condemn him, only a few cause fitna.

    LifeH20 whilst you at it since you dont care whats in the books and said by Alims like Tahir ul Qadri why dont you make up your own history and belive it to be true, daydream, dream, write fiction and call it truth. Youd be happy with that? great!!.

  • I should like to point out the following. On this very same site, a Dr Israr video was posted which said somewhat the same thing that LiveH above said. To that posting, your comment NP was: So what's the gist of it all?

    Well I'm telling you now. The "rehabilitation" of Yazeed is in full swing. Whether this particular effort will result in anything noteworthy is something I tend to doubt.

  • @all above

    Dr. Tahir-ul-qadri is one scholar their is much more to the personality of Yazid (i have reasarch on the matter from both shai,sunni( beralvi and deobandi) and non muslim historial accounts) all i can say is that it can be concluded that more then 90% of the muslims (irrespective of sect and sub-sect) hates Yazid it is few people like Dr.Zakir Naik who defend him... take me for e.g i am a deobandi and honest to god their aint a curse in the world i wont give yazid...(,<****) to name a few

  • NP, Thanks for postings. Your Syed Ammar Nakshawani speaks with a great deal of verve. But he doesn't really come to the point, especially in the first video. Not that we really require him to do so. If anyone knows their Hazrat Ali at all, knows at the same time that such incredible charges against the Ahl ul Bait has as much chance of being true as the meeting of the earth and sky.

    Why don't people simply read the Nahjul Balagha and see who Hazrat Ali really was. The greatest and wisest of Muslims after the Prophet (PBUH) himself.

    As for Yazid, people can try as much as they like, his rehabilitation is not of this world. Just some more of the sectarian nonsense which has done our faith so much harm already.