Zakir naiks veiws on yazid

  • here are zakir naiks veiews abt yazid (bastard):

    here is his writen defense of this unforgivable act:

    i would beg the admin not to remove this post like the last one and wud like to calrify that i am not a shia but i am offended by his views becuase i am a muslim! the sect does not matter every muslim should condem these statments

  • admin move it in "faith & religion" section. F & R section meant for religious matter. gunnerz30 follow the rule of pkp forum, as u being from a part which talks alot the rule of law

  • i am sorry i was not aware of these Rules that i have broken..

  • @paki consultant

    and bro i for one think this topic should be in the general forum as it is of gr8 importance and i am sure 90% of the members are unaware of this video

  • Moderators, This clown is against posting crap after you removed the inflamatory post with same videos. Please kindly remove this fitna post. Scholars like Naik will be doing their great work and these envious ones will always be barking.

  • oh really u stupid _____________ do u any have justification for what he said? have u even bothered seeing the video... i am not denying that MR.Zakir Naik has done Islam many favours and admitt that i had a lot of respect for him till i saw this video yesterday... i challange u to debate with me on the issue of calling yazid a blessed man..

    btw why are u aginst this being posted?.. afraid that ppl disagree with you on this issue??...? otherwise why would u mind if u think the majority agrees withu

    i repeat dunt write against the posting of this topic if u want to talk on merit and defend what he said!

  • the above post is meant for abdul rehman*

  • and i havent said anything personel so refrain from getting personel or expect similar replies form my side

  • AR, why don't you let gunner30 have his say? Argue it out with him by all means, but through fair means not foul. Shutting him up by having recourse to authority is hardly the way to go. At least I'd consider it an unworthy act.

    I respect him all the more because, he being a Deobandi, if I'm not mistaken, is sticking up for his Shia brethren. If we want to put an end to sectarianism, we should proceed as gunner has done on this occasion.

  • Jazak Allah Gunnerz30.

  • well well no one wants to debate with me...

    @not possible and mirza

    bro i was born sunni and debondi but i dont belive in sects(MY FAMILY STILL DOES SO U CAN SAY THAT I AM A DEOBANDI LOL) i am a muslim and yes i have every sympathy for my my shia and my sunni brothers but i am offended becuz i am a MUSLIM and this man who cliams to be a scholar is trying to glorify the man who martyed hazrat hussian (R.A) who was the son of Hazrat ALI (R.A) AND MOREOVER THE GRANDSON OF PROPHET MUHMMAD(P.B.U.H) AND ALL THREE OF THESE GREAT PERSONALITIES DO NOT BELONG TO ANY SECT THEY ARE FOR MUSLIMS AND WHOEVER DOES NOT RESPECT THEM IS KAFFIR AND LANTI IN MY PROSPECTIVE... I AM ALSO OFFENDED BECUZ IT IS THE STUPIDITY OF A FEW MEN THAT CREATES MISUNDERSTANDINGS AMONG MUSLIMS... thankyou not possible and mirza ..

    @abdur rehman and company i am still open to a debate on the issue plz dunt get personeel and think is Zakir naik more respectable to you then hazrat hussian (R.A) AND THE FAMILY OF THE PROPHET?... think abt karbala and what happened there and then tell me is any man no matter who he is justified in not only defending the man responsible for it but also sending gods blessings on him?... If we Muslims take a stand on such issues we would be stronger nd will be able to live in peace and harmony..


  • and i urge the admin to move this to the gernal section as it is a issue og gr8 importance

  • Zakir naik qouted a hadith and i am sorry to say that qouted it completely out of context go read the hadith for urself it says clearly ;"Those who wage the first war on qustuntunia will enter jannah" the first war was in 42 hijri of WHICH YAZID WAS NOT PART OF ... muslims attacked Qustuntunia every year for 8 consecutive years and finally succeded in 50 hijri which was the 8th army to attack Qustunia ... i challange anyone over here go read the hadith it says first army to attack not the army that captures Qustuntunia ...(the fact that Yazid was not part of the first but the 8th army to attack qustunia is mentioned in many islmic history books the most prominent among them is IBN-E-KHULDOOM which by the way was WRITTEN BY A SUNNI) ...

    when someone who wants to defend Yazid accepts my challange for a debate on this forum i will DISCLOSE MORE CLOSED DRAWERS AND HIDDEN ASCPECTS OF YAZIDS INVOVMENT IN THE BATTLE OF QUSTUNIA among other things...

    i repaet i can prove that the hadith has been qouted out of contxt from other sources if someone wants me to..

    Again i had deep respect for Zakir Naik before i saw this video and still respect the services he rendered to Islam but this act of glorifying Yazid is inddefensible and my aim is that DR.Zakir naik should apologise to the muslim ummah for this