Website without any web

  • The Ministry of Finance under its web "Contact us" has given names & designations of some 200 officials with their telephone numbers for public contact but no emails except for one which too is irrelevant for the public at There is only one email address and that of Communication Technologies Directorate with which the general public or other government departments have no concern whatsoever to deal with as it is a department with which only some internal sections may need to contact. The website specifically cautions that this single email is only for website related issues and that all other enquiries should be directed to the concerned Offices email contacts none of which is mentioned. The general public or say the Customs Department or a Pakistani Association in New York why would ever need to contact the Ministry's website team? However there is one sole email for general contact as which is of Ambassador at Large in Dubai, with whom why would a citizen in Karachi or one Pakistani living in Canada need to contact. There is thus not a single web address for contact with the whole Ministry. So this ordinary reader who got education from the municipality free school sitting on empty jute bag "Carpets" that too often brought from own home and having no education from US or Britain universities do not understand what worth is of Ministry's website created wasting a huge and monthly being wasted on maintaining . The then i-tech Minister talking with US Ambassador stated establishment of websites in Government departments would facilitate both the public and these departments in easy contact and quicker response. A webpage having no "web" contact can be everything but a webpage unless it is to keep a highly paid army to do nothing in the name of webmaster, programmers etc. However the West rightly says nothing should be any surprise in reference to Pakistan.