On Justice.

  • What is Taliban justice?


    Justice is the concept of moral rightness based on religion, along with the punishment of the breach of said laws.

    The word justice here may primarily refer to justice as a criminal justice-(retritbutive justice).

    Let us take a look at justice as seen and practiced by the Taliban in their area of control previously in Afghanistan and subsequently in the Fata region of the North west Pakistan. In Pakistan we know for sure that there is no economic justice.

    In Pakistan and Afghanistan, the very rich are very clever and they have completely grabbed a hold of all the power also and thus are able to perpetuate their hold and keep the majority of the people in dire economic conditions by design and on purpose. In Afghanistan and FATA- the Maliks, Khans and Sardars control the land and thus they have exercised total control over the lives of the rest of the population.This means that they also have control the delivery of justice except during the rule of the Taliban.

    In the Taliban controlled areas of Afghanistan they did put in place the Islamic Sharia as the only legal justice system.

    They have delivered justice-(criminal and retributive) to everyone based on that system regardless of the richness or poverty of the concerned.

    Quite a few have complained about the harsh measures that they have taken to eliminate Injustice.

    What is the problem?

    Example- A murderer is found, a trial takes place and the accused is either convicted or released.

    If convicted- he is given to the family of the injured party and they can do what they want.

    Example- There is a dispute between two people on land ownership. The case is examined and the party that is found to be wrong is told to vacate the land or else they will be dealt with if they do not. If they do not follow the edict- then they are removed by force.

    Most of the complaints that the outside world has are about two factors- due process and the fairness issue.

    In the Western judicial system prevalent in the rest of Pakistan- justice is always delayed for many years.

    The Pushtoon people have always had a Pushtoon modified form of Sharia as their legal system.

    What the Taliban have done is made that very system efficient in terms of TIME.

    No cases drag on - actually most cases are settled in a week or less and the punishment if any is carried out very soon there after.

    A review of opinion amongst the IDPs of Swat showed that most if not all want to have a system like that to govern their lives. And they certainly do not wish to have what the rest of Pakistan has which is a system designed and made for the rich and powerful so that they can avoid and escape the clutches of the sword of justice.

    The 3rd rate brown pompous clones of the West here are squealing like piglets facing slaughter every time the word Taliban and the coming of an Islamic Sharia justice system for Pakistan is mentioned.

    My advice is cheer up.

    Get used to it.

    It is coming and you can’t do anything to stop it.

  • Shimatoree, you describe the system well enough. And, in fact, it was what the Swat valley did have for many decades until political changes took place.

    It is not the justice system as such that people object to, I think. More all the restrictions that the Wahibi-modified Deobandi practices attributed to the Taliban such as the ban on music, sports, female education, etc., etc.

    To my mind, that part of their beliefs will not be possible in today's Pakistan. But the sharia justice system will very likely be quite welcomed by the population. It would be the best way of getting rid of the prevailing corruption.

  • Mirza Sahib-

    I am and I am sure you and everyone is wanting to have a justice system which treats everyone on the same playing field.

    If it is Islamic Sharia- that would be best since it is imbeded in the psyche and ethos of the people of the country.So that is a no brainer.

    But for me I am willing to accept any justice system provided it has-

    1. Prompt and swift justice.

    2. Treats the powerful and the weak in the same manner like during Hazrat Umar's time.

    I am sure that most people will be happy with that.

  • @shimatoree

    "Quite a few have complained about the harsh measures that they have taken to eliminate Injustice."

    A related comment that belongs here as well:


    "So Justice is harsh"

    I will state it a bit differently. "Harshness" of justice is directly proportional to the crime committed. If the crime is harsh, there can be no "justice" if the punishment wasn't at least as harsh.

  • Shimatoree, I'd give not one but both my eyes for a fair and prompt justice system for the whole of Pakistan.

    In my post above, I was just trying to be realistic about what the people of this country might accept willingly and what they might stand up and oppose.

    Muslims we are, no doubt about it, though as a rule not Wahabis. But we are also products of the Subcontinent. Any attempt to take us over which loses sight of that important fact will not know durable success.