Democratic Incompetence!

  • The super flood came at the very end of July.

    Today is 10th of September.

    If you watch any of the TV channels- you will wonder as to why there is still no administrative solution for the wretched 20 plus million people made homeless by the flood.

    They said they did not have any money.

    Well, the world gave them a lot of money which somehow has failed to reach those that need it most.

    They said food would be a problem. The world gave tons and tons of food.

    The food is not reaching those that need it most.

    Where is this food going ? Well probably into shops to be sold for profit.

    Why this government is not being able to handle this disaster.

    Well the answer lies in one word. Utter incompetence. Perhaps corruption too.

    As yet everyone wants these incompetent fools pretending to be leaders- to continue to draw their exorbitant salaries in the name of democracy.

    Now if you wish to change what is happening- you have to remove these incompetent fools.

    If you do not- then the results that you are seeing today will not change.

    A super social and medical disaster is in the making and I just wonder what is going to happen if anything.

    I for one just do not understand these same people voting for the PPP.

  • We have seen countless PPP corrupt leaders on TV shows saying that "This type of flood is unparalleled" they have compared it to Katrina, that this flood is out of the ordinary, that even a superpower wouldn't be able to handle it. What these idiots fail to realize is that an extraordinary event requires extraordinary response. Its about making the effort, working night and day. Sleeping on the streets, in tents, spending time with the people. Bring them food, DO SOMETHING...

    Instead we have seen arrogance, denial, more arrogance and stupidity, now complete incompetence. We have seen the leaders leave the country, fake relief camps, diverting floods to save own property, lies, more lies, promises broken, defiance of law, corruption......

    With these people in power Pakistan has no chance.