Plot to kill Justice Sharif unearthed


    ...Three key federal authorities have been named in the report as the plotters however; this newspaper is not unveiling them because of the sensitivities involved and also for the reason that at this stage the disclosure of their names would be premature. The report also contains the names of the hired assassins but this information is being withheld by The News on the request of the source, who insisted that the disclosure of their names would make it hard for the provincial government to get hold of them.

    The report titled “PLAN TO ELIMINATE A VALUE TARGET” was recently submitted to the Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif as “Most Immediate” and “For the CM’s eyes only”. The source of this shocking information has been identified by the agency as “a dependable source”....


    A federal minister, who is amongst the alleged plotters, according to the report, views that CJ LHC is close to Mian brothers and considers him as an obstacle in furtherance of PPP’s objectives/designs in Punjab.

    “By achieving the said high profile objective, PPP will gain the following:

    (i) Getting rid of CJ LHC Kh Muhammad Sharif;

    ii) Embarrassment to government of Punjab in judiciary;

    iii) Discredit the PML-N government in the eyes of public, media, lawyers etc; and

    iv) Pave way for enforcing Governor Rule in Punjab by propagating that the government has failed to check terrorism in an effective manner.

    The report sought from the government to beef up the security measures of the CJ LHC besides putting a close watch on the activities of the aforementioned criminal elements.

    Real? Drama?

  • I think its real

  • Its real and the most likely man behind this is Rahman Malik. He is experienced by playing a pivotal role in BB's murder.

  • @ Naseem any opinions on the other two? ;)

  • All others fade away in the background because this hajaam SOB is well connected with the under world since he was a peon in a passport office.

  • wow yaar

    well said

    i salute you

  • @Naseem

    "All others fade away in the background.."

    Agreed but I'd still name at least one more maha-scvmbag: Faisal Raza Abidi. He's been the most vocal against Justice Sharif screaming about some book by Justice Sharif which "proves" Sharif works for Sharifs.

  • Ah Abdi! The frothing wide mouthed rabid canine.

    It is possible that I could be wrong but this point towards RMs frequent visits to edgeware-London.

    Is this connection being practically applied on ground through some 'fieldwork' aided by volunteers from urban Sindh?

  • I wonder what is the purpose to disclose details about such a sensitive case, would it not have been better to release the details in the public domain once the so called hired guns were caught.

  • @aftab

    "I wonder what is the purpose to disclose details about such a sensitive case, would it not have been better to release the details in the public domain once the so called hired guns were caught."

    That is the very reason I put a question on top. Probably it means "the so called hired guns" are NOT going to be caught. But I am sure they think the message to CJ Sharif has been conveyed.

    BTW: Why while hiding the names of the culprits does The News let us know it was “For the CM’s eyes only” (If true, it certainly tells CM who leaked it to The News as only a small number of his confidants would have seen it).

  • @aftab

    "I wonder what is the purpose to disclose details about such a sensitive case"

    perhaps to pre-warn the hired gouns and particularly those behind these gouns not to do anything stup!d while all evidence is being gathered ......

    however even if the evidence is collected, they are ch@rged, punished by the courts etc etc ......President (of PPP!) will pardon them

  • @ nota

    They is no hired guns and this is just drama as you said to get PPP on the backfoot further, i don't believe PPP will be that silly/incompetent to do such a thing and then have to deal with the fallout of this.

    The only thing i can think is that PPP want to commit political suicide and be martyred again but all they overt posturing is for completing they 5 year loot-mar.

  • It is another drama after failing in kidnapping of Umer Cheema Drama.

    Just a foolish effort.

  • @nota

    I think you are right and what doesn't pass the smell test is the way they listed the benefits to PPP. You know PPP is NOT going to try the "Governor's rule" bit again and that and other "benefits" certainly won't be listed by PPP in a murder plot, no matter how dumb they are.

    I think it is a creation of PML-N itself to make PPP look bad (as if they needed any help) and they ARE dumb enough to try it. Let me go a bit wild here and say it might also be an attempt to force CJ LHC's hand to let Sohail Butt go:

    "CJ Sharif: Better rule our way or else we kill you and get you know we will get away with it --blame will fall on PPP as we have already set 'em up"

    (I SAID I will be a bit wild here)

  • its the act of ppp. shame on you ppp. its time to over.

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    do u block IK's f@n cl@b members as well for using multipl@ !ds and f@ul l@ngu@ge?

  • @nota

    another wild one???

    news just come in that Rehman Malik's helicopter suffered a minor u reckon NS is behind that too?

    here is the evidence where SS is thre@teing only a day earlier that 'if Interior Minister Rehman Malik repeated this conspiracy, he would be thrown in the floodwater,” the official quoted the chief minister as saying in anger.

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  • This bogus drama is on its end .


    Now think of the people who are not using internet, (most of some educated Pakistanis). They read every week a news like this on news papers and see at Tv talk shows.

    Never cleared to them. No Chanel, no paper to tell them truth.