Nawaz Sharif - The most dumb leader of Pakistan

  • I have never seen dumb politician like Nawaz Sharif, the leader without a vision, I never understood what is his agenda, because he dont have any agenda, he flows with the pressure of air. Any body in this forum who supports Nawaz please clarify to us some of the following points:

    • NS the biggest supporter of Zia Ul Haq, took all the benefits when a dictator was working for his interest, then why he is anti marshal law now?

    • NS, the biggest champions of Azad Adlya, why attacked supreme court when he was in power, and look at their munafiqat now, every other day they are defending Judicial commission, the commission made to restrict powers of judiciary, ?

    • NS and economic management are two opposite things, this guy cant even run a karyana shop, and his policies like Yellow cab, Qarz Utaro and Saste rote are some of the cheap tactics to get popularity. If Govt will start doing such things who will make the polices & economic environment, Name any institute that NS has built in his overall 18 years on tenure in Punjab

    • People voted to NS with clear majority, but he run away even hiding the agreement he made, so what is guarantee he will not run again, If their is a marshal law.

    At the end, we should not blame poor NS for the Govt corruption, because they are in position, what if they are ruling 60 % of Pakistan.

  • I may agree with some of the points that you have raised but when you yourself say I never understood what is his agendathen that explains a lot. No agenda, and to that I add: except keeping a low profile in hope of becoming PM once again. What a fool.

  • @Naseem

    "except keeping a low profile in hope of becoming PM once again."

    And that is why he "defends" the corrupt-to-the-core "system". His only purpose in "defending" it is so that he -- like Zardari -- gets five uninterrupted years to plunder (His deal with PPP is not to rock their boat and they won't rock his; all the protestations are for public consumption ONLY!). That is why he makes statements like "I'll stick by Zardari even if PPP doesn't." That is why he took Altaf's words so seriously ("Meri bari aanay wali hay aur yay system badalnay ki baat ker raha hey..."). That is why he supported the 18th Amendment so when he is PM he can be the dictator.

  • @nota

    Thanks for explaining it further and in a much better way I could have possibly done it.

  • Since all bloggers on this thread are in agreement against Nawaz Sharif, there is no room for an alternative opinion but let me try this:

    --I think there is room to say that Nawaz Sharif has a better reputation than Zardari.

    --Supporters of Altaf, Imran, JI, JUI, ANP and other small parties may argue in favor of their choice but there is no chance for any of them to get elected to a majority anytime soon.

    --Musharraf and his supporters have had plenty of unchallenged authority for almost a decade but their performance has been pretty dismal.

    Nawaz Sharif, despite all his shortcomings, is still perceived acceptable and is quite popular. I think he is our leader by default until a credible alternative appears in the field.

  • "still perceived acceptable...he is our leader by default"

    Sad ain't it?

  • Why should it be sad? This is the best we can do. We should live with it. Why is it a must to whine about it?

  • hah

    leaders by default.........

    Makes me sick..........!!

  • @ GT it is a must to whine about because half ov the nation is drowning

    we r pretty much bankrupt........ know the drill

  • I genuinely thought that when he came back to Pakistan he will provide the kind of honest and sincere leadership this country needs but it has all gone down hill very quickly.

  • @GT

    "Why should it be sad? This is the best we can do. We should live with it. Why is it a must to whine about it? "

    No one is "whining". But thanks for an excellent display of an attitude that has gotten us here ;-)

  • Nota,

    I didn't mean to characterize you as a person to be whining. I apologize if that how it appeared to you.

    What I want to say is that we have a collective attitude ( myself squarely included) of trashing everything, wanting the best all the time, not having been able to deliver on anything with all the available permutations and combinations of governing that could be put together, and yet we don't accept that that is what we can deliver. I think we should acknowledge the fact that that is what we are capable of and learn to live with it, until we can find an alternative. Making a fancy wish-list won't get us anywhere.

  • Ur raised points are actually pointless!!! please dont get back to history you will not take anything out of it. You just gave four points against him but wat about the good works he has done for Pakistan ?? Can u start mentioning them also!! Be realistic He got couple of times in Government and those goverments last only 5 years out of total 10 years. Did he ever completed his 5 years? Da problem is in our country no one let democratic goverment to complete 5 years. For the progress of Pakistan that is very important we should let the democracy process and few years we will see progress in Pakistan. About Nawaz Sharif he iz the only choice and hope for Pakistan he has a leadership and vision!! dont compare him wid Zardari!! He is 100 times better den Zardari. Nawaz Sharif iz very sincere and loyal to Pakistan dats some ex politicians and analysts also admitted.

  • @awaisis

    your list seems incomplete. here are a few more examples

    • making Pakistan a nucle@r state, despite enormous world pressure particularly from the then President of US who has been the mai bap of every Pakistani leader.

    • establishing himself as the leader of international stature, despite having no political family background. There is no doubt he is the most popular leader consistently over last at least 2/3 years (infact 10/15 years), evident from winning the last elections despite being allowed back in country some 24 hrs before elections.

    • producing, leadinng and keeping united a team of what is regarded as good educated politicians like A Iqbal, Ch Nisar, Kh Asif, Kh S Rafiq etc etc.

    • Getting Pakistan a good name at least amongst the muslim world and providing a platform of muslim unity. Mainly from his integrity and honesty but even more importantly because of his leadership skills.

    • motorway project which we are all benefitting now, particularly the trade route it has helped open amongst many others.

    • shedding away the old wadera and jageerdari type political culture which existed even in urban areas

    • indutrialistaion of the country mainly in 1st tenure as PM, whilst the 2nd tenure was mainly sorting out the financial mess which PPP govt had left behind.

    • not to undermine the honesty and loyalty he has with the nation evident from Long March which he successfuly carried out (against a n@n-dumb President...if so is the definition of being dumb)and stopped when the nation's demand of restoring jud!c!ary was met (I know some IK and JI supporters wanted to use this opportunity to overthrow an elected govt and cause ch@os to bring @rmy/unr@st)

    all of the above in less than 4 years as PM split over 2 broken periods...............and many many others

    I dont think someone's honesty and straightforwardness should be confused with d@mbness...because a d@mb person cannot have such a huge standing not amongst the nation but in the international community...think!

  • @1hr

    oh please do you really think Nawaz has any international stature?, he has none, even Amrica bahadaur have no intrest in him. His international stature may be in overseas Pakistani, other than that the world dosent think much of him at all.

    Nawaz has been given his third chance in Punjab, which means he is already ruling 50% of Pakistan if not more, but his govenment has failed agin, he has no support besides Punjab and he has failed in Punjab this time.

    Sasti Roti is a con that he is playing even today.

    and for the umpteenth time, Pakistans Nuclear Programme existed far before NS, had India not tested their weapon we would have not tested ours under him. Secondly we were a Nuclear power any way and that would have been proved eventually, What NS failed to do was leverage the Nuclear card by getting our foreign debt written off. or calling India to the negotiation table. Instead he frooze foreign accounts... wow. Whilst he himself keeps his assets most of them aborad. He dosent even pay tax.

    Must you let him plunder Pakistan a thrid time due to your foolishness?

  • @nota

    cant believe we are finally agreed on something, you go man, fully support your views here.

  • @Not possible

    i dont think we are going to convince each other as u have built in a lot of dislike for NS but let me respond to some of your points

    • your statement 'amrica bahadur has no interest in NS' itself is an answer amrica bahadur is only interested in those who take orders from them eg Mush was an example from not too recent past. This does not lower NS's stature but infact increases his stature. The day amrica bahadur know that Pakistan has got to its lowest ebb (economically or otherwise) and its f@ilure can h@rm US interests.....they will walk away from their sponsored pu@@et govt so someone like NS can step in and stabilise the country.

    I did not claim that NS initiated nucle@r programme but no one can take away from him the credit for carrying out nucle@r tests despite amrica bahadur's pressure. Do you think that a even a comm@ndo like Mush could have shown the same courage?.... NO, because he do not have the same leadership qualities nor the real awaam behind him. Secondly we as a nation did not want any leverage in any way when making decisions on national s@curity otherwise it does not serve the purpose of n@tional s@curity. The decision led to the whole nation feeling proud, strong and respected amongst the world community. As regards your point about 'our nucle@r capabilty being proved eventually' firstly considering the leadership we had since NS I dont think so and secondly it would have been too late!

    I think trying to say that current Punjab govt has not delivered is factually incorrect and is by far the most successful provincial govts of all 4. As regards classifying the provincial govt as running 50% of Pakistan is not right as the authority and mandate of a provincial govt is much different to the federal govt but as regards its capabilties at provincial level they are very clear in all respects and most recently from the treatment of flood affecties in Punjab as compared to any other province

    Lastly i must say that if there were to be elections today i will vote for no one else other than NS, just like 70/80% of the nation...and if that makes most of the nation f@@lish in your eyes be it!

  • Dear friends,

    All the vision that every party taking at the moment will provide to Pakistan people in Nawaz Sharief Tenure. Nawaz Sharief nay kabi kisi kay agay hath nh philaya jaisay kay Ajkal kay so call Leader jo media par akay khud ko dikha rahay hain kay hum bohat achay hain hum paisay akhty kar rahy hain.

    your so call leader like

    I khan Bheek mangta hai logo say

    Musharaf Bheek mangta hai ghairon say

    Altaf hussain


    All TV Channels doing this

    But NAwas sharief Kissi kay agay hath nh philana chahta kyu wo pakistan ko bheek manga nh dekhna chahta yeh sab kay sab bheek mangty hain dosry countries say

    NAwas pakistan ko khud kay pairo par dekhna chahta hai.

    Thats his real vision jo apkay kisi Bheek MAngay LEader kay pass nh hai .

    we are proud on nawaz sharief

    Ary nawaz sharief bheek nh mangta wo Pakistan ko uskay foot par stand karna chahta hai.

    The vision That i provided to Pakistan from 1990s . i have a dream that pakistan Economy on stand on our foots. I want to make pakistan like Paris, London, Dubai etc..

    PML Plans about future()

    1.Motor way in all over Pakistan

    2.Power plants of Electricity in lower price for the requirement of country

    3.Industry setup in small sectors of the country.

    4.Yellow Cap Rozgar scheme in the country.

    5.Same Education in all over Pakistan.

    6.Subsidies in Electricity Bill, and Utilities products.

    7.In Big cities under ground train services.

    8.Roads, Bridges,Industries and providing facilities to former for their crops.

    9.Rule of LAw Same in pakistan.

    10.No compromise on Sovereignty of Pakistan.

    Pakistan Zindabad

    Khuda hafiz

    Allah ap ka hami o nasir ho

  • @aryan1

    What B.S. What delusions -- "NAwas pakistan ko khud kay pairo par dekhna chahta hai"...

    Is liyay sirf 5000 rupay tax dayta hay. The b@stard himself says "I am a bhikari who lives off of loans from my son."

  • Nawaz ko funding Badshah Salamt say milti hay, Its not just funding they actually provided him a deal for immuntity.


    this is called clever distracting,counter some points and cover the weknesses, okay so I have dislike built in me for NS, why shouldnt I? Nawaz cajols Taliban and other militant outfits, he has made scum like Rana Sanullah "Law Minister" Rana Sanullah who parleys with banned outfits is a Law Minister!!You have blind love for NS built in you.

    Second trust me on this its not just America Bhadur, Nawaz has no stature. That the International Community has to deal with world leaders however infamous they maybe is a diffrent issue, Mugabe of Zimbabwe, Gaddafi, Saddam and even Ahemedinijad dont neccasarily command respect. They just have to deal with them. Nawaz looks like an idiot and a buffon, no one takes him seriously.

    I was in UK when we tested our A-Bomb, I was so pumped up and esctatic, really went wild with happines, like you think the world hailed our bravery in testing, but I know world reaction was very very diffrent....they were horrified, even Japan slapped us with sanctions. They had pleaded us to stop and were willing to give all sorts of concession but did we listen?

    You do know there is something called foolishness, sometimes it can be mistaken for bravery. We were a nuclear power, the bomb was a done deal, that was our Ace card and Nawaz messed it up. He should have got our debt written off, trade concessions, bough India to the negotiating table to resolve Kashmir, instead he hurt Pakistan and its citizens when he froze foreign currency accounts and bought the country to such a severe mess that only the funding of War against terror after Sept 11 2001 revived the economy.

    Nawaz just makes cons, Qurz utaro mulq sawaro, how can we forget that!!!??, How could we foreget the attack on the Supreme court? The Ameer ul Momein bill? Yellow cab, even sasti roti now, It was Mr Ishaq dar who badly screwed the IPPs that put the entire future power infrastructure and by that I mean energy power at stake. Sheik chilli kay pilaou might pass for great promises by PML-N but that false promises have been made before. And it is not excuse to say Punjab has been handled better in he floods or otherwise. Floods devastation in sindh is more accute secondly Punjab may have been dealt better but its stil dealt bad, so maybe is just a better bad.

    Insofar as 80% of country voting for Nawaz either you are making a foolish statement or indeed if it was true the awam wil be foolish.

    Okay let me ask you this if God forbid Nawaz actually came in power and initally appeared good for a few months even perhaps possibly fooled us for a year but then true to his nature he screwed us over, what would you say then?

    I mean how do you trust a guy who freezes foreign accounts but has most of his wealth aborad and despite being so wealthy dosent pays taxes. What double stadards, just for some blind love you are overlooking his corruption.Zadari is very bad, Nawaz is worse, Zardari is a thief who claims he is one, Nawaz is a munfaiq who deneis he is one.