Mush says he is returning to Pakistan to be President again!

  • Pervez Musharraf "A time has come in Pakistan when we need to introduce a new political culture, a culture which can take Pakistan forward on a democratic path”

    I hope his previous supporters and wellcomers (which include amongst many others, Sherafghan, Wasi Zafar, Sh Raheed, Chaudries of Gujrat, Maulvi Fazlu, JI, MQM and IK) dont support and wellcome him this time!

  • Musharraf has no chance.

  • Soch hai uski

    Pakistani bashaour qoum hain

  • Who will provide him uniform?

  • @Flomar

    Waqai barhi hi Bashaour Quom hai Pakistani...Zardari jaisa Sadar jis Quom k pass hu us ka Shaur khudhi dikh jata hai...

  • @ gazi

    have some faith

    aaj eid ki namaz ma dua karni thi naa

    ki hai to qubool bhi ho gi

  • @ AK gud question

  • @Flomar

    Inshallah Dua Qabool hojaigi magar Duawoon say agar kuch ho raha huta tu ajj Sailaab ata hi kyun....Bhai Allah Taalah nay humay Knowledge di k kis tarhan sailaab say bacha ja sakta hai pakistan mai magar humnay Allah ki di huwi Knowledge ka kia kia???Ab Allah jis tareqay say madad kar sakta hai Kar raha hai magar humara haal yeh hai k hum Allah ki Ungli pakarh k kaam karnay waloon hain tu aisay haal mai Allah kaisay Madad karega???

    BTW KBD ko dubara Musharraf nay hi Zinda karnay ki koshish ki thi apnay Daur mai...

  • WOW bht koshish ki

    pahly zakham laga laga k sab ka trust khatam kiya from the back stage phir kahata hai k bhai i tried aapka hi ALLAH Hafiz hai

    nd awam ba shaour hai leader banny ko koi tayyar nai thats a seperate topic

    nd aap apni jaga kaam karo ma apni jaga

    kahin to pohonchen gy naa

  • Gazi123

    Both Mushraff and Zardari Are Corrupt. In the age of Zardari we face a Flood,

    In the age of Mushraff We faced a horrible Earthquake.

    The mushraff himself proved as the traitor of Islam.

    But i can't understand ur love for Musraff, Give me some reason? Why

  • @Flomar

    Bhai mera Musharraf nay jo bhi kia lakin Hazar gunah Behtar tha ajj k Politicians say han us nay Ghaltiyan kin yeh baat aur hai magar phir bhi uska daur aur ajj ka daur aur agar yeh bhi nahi tu 1990s k daur ki aik aik Govt. ko bhi Combine karkay Musharraf k daur say compare karo khud hi Jawab mil jaiga...

  • nawaz na kamazkam atom bomb to diya tha

    mush na to blak watr sa nawaaza hai

  • @super soldier

    So if Pakistan faced a Horrible Earthquake does that make Musharraf responsible???Talking about Corruption then tell me a single Corruption case against Musharraf in the court despite we have Musharraf's worse hater PMLN incharge of Public Accounts Committee and also Zardari's favorites working for NAB...The Bottomline is that he was not one man show in Pakistan he also had his own team and you know who were his team so dont blame him for what ever done by Choudery Baradran...

  • aww come on!! choudrys were his puppets dude

    every1 knows dat!!

  • I am sorry .The chairman PAC is a man of Establishment.

    When N$ was in jail,He was at his home.

  • @Flomar

    Atom Bomb ki baat kartay hu tu yeh 1984 mai hi Ban giya tha bas tajarba karna tha jo Nawaz Sharif k daur mai India k Bomb ki RETALIATION mai kia giya...Aur han Nawaz k har decision k pechay hamesha Fauj ka hi hath raha hai 1990s ki Govt. mai yeh bhi unka hi danda hoga Nawaz ko...

    Blackwater???Bhai mera yeh baatain Comic Book mai chaptin hain jis ka naam hai Nawa-e-Waqt...Haqeeqat mai yeh sirf Taliban ko bachanay k liye SCAPGOAT hai baqi kuch nahi...bas kuch logoon ka kaam hi Conspiracy thoeryan nikalna hai unhi ki ijaad hai "Blackwater in Pakistan"

  • @Flomar

    Yes they were but Musharraf wasnt controlling their each and every move by some remote Control...They had also got their own hands dirty having nothing to do with Musharraf...

  • Gazi123

    Open ur eyes prepare for stats


    From stupid decisions like day time saving scheme to the arrogant measures of mutilating the Constitution, it is a long list of the black deeds of Musharraf regime. However, the recent report of the US Central Command (CENTCOM) on "Effects of Operation Enduring Freedom on Economy of Pakistan" has exposed two grave crimes committed by this regime.

    1. It has been telling lies about the extent of surrendering national interests.

    2. It continues to dish out fake statistics about the state of national economy.

    This fact sheet aims at making the nation aware of the details and implications of these misdeeds.

    Musharraf's Deception

    In his televised address on September 19, 2001, General Pervez Musharraf told the nation that he had agreed to provide only use of airspace and logistic support to the United States for military operation against Afghanistan. He said: "Trust me. I will not disappoint you and there will be no compromise on Pakistan's security and sovereignty." That was a gross misstatement bordering on blatant lie, and a masterpiece of deception. He had actually accepted the devastating seven US demands that US Secretary of State Colin Powell put to him on telephone.

    The prompt willingness with which Musharraf accepted these demands surprised Powell, who elatedly reported his success to the National Security Council meeting in the next room. But no body in Pakistan knew that Musharraf had not merely compromised but in effect surrendered the nation's security interests and sovereignty to the imperial interests of the United States.

  • @soldier

    well said dude

  • Gazi123

    The crimes of Musharraf are very simple:

    1. Dismantling of the Shari’ah.

    2. Killing Muslims who want to enforce Shari’ah in an Islamic manner.

    3. Siding with the Kafireen in fighting the Muslims that want Shari’ah.

    Just one of these crime can made a man murtid and he is really murtid.