The institutional discrimination.

  • This is NOT an attempt towards a discussion about Feminism.

    It is a lament and a cry about the pre-meditated and institutionalized wanton discrimination against 50 % of the human population.

    You of course would remember that in the days of the Pharos- if the Nile did not flood- they would sacrifice a young girl and throw her in the river so that the river gods might be pleased.

    You would also remember that when the kings in Europe built their castles and they had a problem- they would bury a young women alive (who had her first child) into the wall to please the Castle gods. Oh yes they left her breasts exposed so that the male child could nurse

    You would also remember that the ancient Arabs buried their daughters when they were infants.

    And you would also remember that in Western Asia when the father died, esp: a rich father, his daughter was buried with him.( alive of course)

    And of course you will also know that in today’s Pakistan disputes are settled by families by giving daughters to their enemies.

    You will also remember that today the old but rich Arab Sheikhs routinely go to India and other poor countries where they marry young teenagers for a few days and then leave them to their destiny.

    And of course you will remember the oldest profession of prostitution. Nothing more need be said about that.

    And we have the audacity to call our self HUMAN BEINGS!

  • Shimatoree, I'm surprised you didn't think to mention China or India in your lament. They too are/were dead set against female babies. And today, with technology somewhat advanced, pregnant women upon learning they are awaiting a child of the wrong sex often have recourse to abortion rather than bringing yet another girl child into the world.

    Actually, I find little to lament over the feminine condition the world over. Men were/are hardly treated any better. If anything, even worse, though not necessarily in the ritual sense of human sacrifice.

    If any human group does wring my heart, it's the little ones, the fate we have reserved for the children of man, tortured from one end of the planet to the other.

  • MG-

    There 1000 s of examples- and you are correct in that India and China are very big culprits in this inhumanity. Idid not ignore that but left it for others to put it in their comments.

    Your comment that you find little to lament is a bit of a shocker for me.

  • Thanks, shimatoree. And now why a shocker? If I may talk feminism for an instant: I'm strictly anti. It was again one of those PR ploys the West so excels at to take our minds off what they were doing to the rest of the world. Other such ploys I've detected: the gay movement and, most recently of all, the Green movement.

    Throughout my life, I've seen only the one thing: man's inhumanity to man, whatever the sex, and the main victim of all the evil we're capable of: our children.

    Do not underestimate women. They are perfectly capable of fighting off any discrimination they may have been singled out for. They have their methods. Men less so. And children not at all.

  • Let's face it; we (Muslims) are suffering from Dissociative identity disorder. We critics attack our so-called values we think blasphemy as if they have attacked Prophet or Khulfa-e-rashidain and forget about the very fact that we simply can’t associate ourselves to them, not at all!

    We need to take out our heads and smell the $hit we are in. My advice for those who smoke superior-muslim-values all the time, must wear a burqa (or something which make them look like a woman) and get into some market. Peshawar sadar will do best. I’m sure they will be cured for ever.

  • by the way what happened to you when you wore burqa in peshawar's sadr?

    Secondly if a muslim commits a sin why do we blame Islam for that?