Aisam's Political Message

  • How can we all ignore the big sub-note in Aisam’s success, he is a doubles player, his success wasn’t him alone. It was aided by his Indian partner. For once we cheered India and Pakistan together, united in a common success. Beside the pride that Aisam has bought to our Nation, he also has a political message. How long will Pakistan and India bicker to impede our own success and the potential of our people?

  • yaaa man

    imagine if India and Pakistan have good relations.

    that would go a long way in bolstering the strength of our region, economies and all.

    unfortunately Pakistan has too much of terrorism problem right now before anything could start between public of both countries.


    However those who support the Taliban do not represent Aisam's or my mindset. They certainly dont want Peace. The only way coming of Taliban would mean peace for the world would be that Taliban would be too busy killing Muslims and Pakistanis. Because thats all they to kill.

  • Is it possible that we have peace with equality?

    India wants to have a role of big power and wants that Pakistan should have a role of vassal stat.

    Do you think it is correct? We Pakistanis are not as biased the Indians are:

  • Let me risk a prognosis. We will go back to being reunited, the whole of the Subcontinent, in a loose Confederation-type of relationship. But it's not for tomorrow yet. What will push us to this reasonable move is nothing but that great absent from this blog, bar HK and myself at the best of times, the question of the economy. Pakistani economy has been reduced to the begging bowl. India, on the surface, has fared a bit better. But with its huge population, that is also more a superficial development than anything else, reserved for the middle class and the elite. Ditto Bangla Desh.

    We on this blog seem to be obsessed by the Taliban question and the sectarian fight, neither very helpful in furthering our cause for freedom, peace and unity. Learn more about the economic fragility of the world. From the multiple videos on this blog, if from nowhere else. It might give you a new perspective from which to judge the future.

    Anyway, Aisam Q. gladdened our hearts as did his equally glowing Indian partner.

  • Aisam ul Haq is the best thing happened to Pakistan's image in the last 5 yrs or so.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    @Not Possible: I raise the question;

    Is India belligerent towards Pakistan, since creation of Pakistan, or is it Pakistan that has been belligerent towards them, inside their borders ?

    ..and now to answer your question;

    The conflict between India and Pakistan will 'continue' and 'remain' untill;

    _(1) India self destructs into many smaller nations

    (2) Untill Muslims 'chain' so called 'leaders'/'rulers' of India, unjust rulers of India and bring them to justice_

    That is what I 'conclude' with the knowledge of 'Hadees' that I have.

    People in India are hell bent on being unjust, on being belligerent towards Pakistan. What has it been ? 60+ years, since independence ?

    Why are they;

    (1) still belligerent towards us ?

    (2) funding, arming terrorists who strike inside our nation ?

    (3) supporting groups for 'breaking up' of Pakistan ?

    (4) sending criminals from our border with Afghanistan, into Pakistan ?

    (5) conducting secret military operations inside our land ?

    (6) 'How' .. and 'when' will 'they' 'stop' their 'belligerence' ?