"The Taliban are part of our population."

  • The intensity of hatred amongst Pakistan's Elite when you mention Taliban is obvious as it has been demonstrated to me Here on this website-(PKP)-.

    Here is an article for those who might be interested in an OBJECTIVE view from a different source. It is a bit analytical and perhaps a bit too intellectual but very interesting reading for those who might be interested in OBJECTIVITY.


    "They felt the top priority was to end what they saw as a civil war – not an insurgency, as Nato calls it. They saw the Taliban as authentic nationalists with legitimate grievances who needed to be brought back into the equation. Otherwise, Afghans would go on being used as proxies in a long battle between al-Qaida and the US. It was time to break free of both sets of foreigners, the global jihadis and the US empire. Shukria Barakzai, an MP and women’s rights campaigner, put it like this: ‘I changed my view three years ago when I realised Afghanistan is on its own. It’s not that the international community doesn’t support us. They just don’t understand us. The Taliban are part of our population. They have different ideas but as democrats we have to accept that.’"

    Full article at-


  • You Taliban lover you!

    "They have different ideas but as democrats we have to accept that."

    Let's see if OUR "democrats" accept it ;-)

  • In Pakistan-as long as there is an established segment of collaborators in power-

    bent on de-humanization of the downtrodden and those that have opted for being a Talib-

    There is no hope.

    In Afghanistan- there is some hope

    as the collaborators are begining to think that they cannot impose their will on the Taliban.

  • All taliban sympathisers should go to Afghanistan to live with their taliban mates. Pakistan and people of Pakistan do not welcome taliban death cult and vast majority of public reject them.

  • Sweetruth

    And what about the Cross Sympathizers. Why don't the cross sympathizers live in UK or America in Harmony with White Lords

  • @SS

    I do not care where one lives. Do you?

    You can live where you want and we are discussing this (non sense) thread started by a taliban sympathiser shimatoree of taliban being part of our population. Majority of Pakistani public reject them and their extreme brand of Shariat.

    We have seen disastrous effects of their short lived Govt in Afghanistan and then their forceful control of some parts in Pakistan like Swat where everyone was scared of their reign of terror. If you like taliban and their brand of Islam then you should move to Afghanistan or in tribal areas. People of Pakistan say a BIG NO to talibans.

  • Sweetruth

    It mean u are happy with Zardari and Co. BTW Taliban are not corrupt as the Zardari. Do u like to live in the corruption of Zardari.

  • @SS

    What Zardari has to do here in this discussion? Why Zardari is dragged in every discussion? One of my friends rang me after our cricket team scandal and claimed Zardari was behind all this and our cricketers are angels.

    Are we discussing incompetence of President Zardari in this thread? Are we? or are we not?

    Title of the thread is "The Taliban are part of our population". Please keep you discussion relevant to the title of the thread and if you dislike Zardari then you can start a new thread with any title you want.

  • Sweettruth

    Look at the Title of Thread,"Taliban are the Part of our Population"

    Can u please tell who is head of Population?<please if u, pleas if u can tell>

  • @ss

    Why don't you start a new thread for Zardari?

    Title of this thread is distasteful, incorrect and misleading. Taliban are not, have never been and will never be part of our population.

  • Sweetruth

    Ur hate for Taliban is not amazing me but ur love for Zardari and UK and the Long term Prospectus of Israel is still doubting me.

    Taliban are not part of population according to u because they are the only challenge to crusaders and the state of Isreal.

    What u say?

  • taliban are misguided and misused people of our population. of course zardari is no good but they are worst. if some one say they are threat to israel, that is ridiculous.

  • Only the Taliban are NOT corrupt


    Probably the only incorrupt people in Afghanistan (Add Pakistan) are the Taliban. If you want no corruption, give the government back to the Taliban in Afghaistan and hand over power to Taliban in Pakistan. That will herald END of corruption and beginning of real Pakistan.

  • abdul rehman bhai

    to be not corrupt is very very good. but to run govt this is not only one criteria. any govt must have good technocrats, scientists, technologists, diplomats, social mobilisers, economists, educators, development managers, planners visionaries etc and most important have trust and support of people.

    i dont see most of these things, specilly the last one in them.

  • achtung bhai, First and foremmost is a government without corruption and then automatically all your requirements from technocrats to planners will follow suit. There are thousands of "qualified" individuals spread out in the world and working hard with their blood and sweat to help kuffar countries. They will return back as soon as a genuine government with honesty and morals takes charge.

  • abdul rehman bhai

    thnx for reply. ok let me agree with you for a moment. but you do not reply most important part of my comment. it is trust and support of people. you think they have that?

  • achtung bhai,

    When even Kuffar like the ex-cia agent has recognised the FACT that Taliban are NOT corrupt, the people will also recognize and acknowledge that fact overnight and will trust and support them. Remove the unjust media that demonizes Taliban with truthful media and you will see miracles insha'Allah.

    Case in point. The purported video of flogging of a woman by Taliban in Swat. After careful evaluation, everyone knows that it was a fake video. In this day and age of high tech gadgets, even a child can make such videos to spread disinformation. This kind of demonization has led to the stereo type image deliberately created by media by labelling Taliban as blood thirsty criminals.

  • abdul rehman bhai

    thnx for your reply. so hopefully when they have trust and support of people, they will be in power.

  • Those that talk a great deal about understanding and tolerance must also recognize the need for tolerance towards those who for some reason are intolerant .

  • @bitterlies

    "All taliban sympathisers should go to Afghanistan to live with their taliban mates."

    Followed right away by:

    "I do not care where one lives."

    Confused? :-P