Pervez Mush made ten crore in minutes So called flood relief

  • Surprising

    He made more than ten crores in few minutes at a live program at Dunya Tv

    So left behind IK and Money maker Geo

    and their hidden supporters

    What a drama

  • dznt matter who gathers how much, we should encourage anyone collecting donations for Pakistan whether its IK or PM.

  • The reason might be the fact, that most of businessmen have always supported him, as they were better off in his tenure.

    Imran Khan got more from ordinary Pakistanis, as he is sort of folk hero.

    How much was the total by the end of program?

    I am sure, the big money will come from CNN Larry King Telethon. As the amount will be in dollars.

    As long as I am concerned, Mush and IK complement each other. Best of wishes to both, anyone doing anything for the flood victims.

  • may be a planned drama, mushy is looking forward to swinging back in to politics as civilian-

  • PM+IK+MQM+ANP shape of things to come

  • Not sure about ANP...but MQM will be with APML.

    My only wish is that IK and PM reconcile with each other. All my friends, the so called "educated class", are only divided between these two. Unification of these two big civil groups will be great. whatever, just no more of the N-league and PPP.

  • Lol at the wishful thinking of the Tabla Master's supporters. Musharraf aint gonna come back because there is that one bullet out here somewhere in Pakistan which has his name written all over it, IK is a born political loser who will never win more than a solitary seat in Parliament....the less said the better about "doodh say dholee sati sawatree" MQM

    PML (N) and PPP are here to stay.

  • I didnt even watch that Telethon so I cant tell how much Musharraf able to make but the real TEST for him would be EXPENDING that amount efficiently this will tell the real worth of his amount given by Pakistani people....BTW his contacts in Army would be enough for collection of this much amount...

  • Mush can't really come back to pk just like that coward British absconder Altaf. He has killed and sold off people from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa,has killed Lal Masjid folks,has killed Bugti etc in Baluchistan,has killed Karachiites on 12th may using his mafia gang MQM Altaf so basically he can't land at any airport in Pakistan. Same is the case with grand terrorist Altaf Hussain. He has sent dead bodies to all 4 provinces of Pakistan,so he too can't land at any airport in Pakistan.

    p.s. Some one got complete video of telethon, some people during live calls gave lanat to PJ Mir and Pervaiz Musharraf. Both of them were really upset.


    Donors prefer actors’ stall to Musharraf’s


  • Here is a Video of his Collections till the END of his Telethon....!

    CAUTION: It could give PMLN fans a Heart Attack so only those PMLN fans are recommended who have STRONG HEART....

  • ^ its not complete clip,Just moment before this one live calls were being taken

  • @d0ct0r

    Its the END of his telethon just to show the ACTUAL AMOUNT he raised from his telethon...

  • Now looking forward for another Telethon of Musharraf at Lerry King Live along with Angelina Jolie and others...

  • قاتلوں کا ٹولہ- عمران خان صرف نواز کا توڑ

  • PM hiding his fear at best but still much was written on his face told news media today; when mush comes he has to face the CJ.

    MQMized vermin are jumping up and down with joy that is short lived for sure. Mushy knows his support for MQMized malignant tumor was a blunder that he should avoid now at all costs if his arrival is going to work than it will be without MQM.

    For that Mushy is on his way to grab away much from their London edgeware international secretariat by opening one in parallel. If altaf k alia a pan munching scum bag taxi driver can do it then why not mushy who has a much higher level of deception skills and double talk spins then k alia the fake peer. Lets watch k alia hollering with a pain somewhere deep in him when mush lands in Pakistan.

  • PAKISTAN sai Churaeee huie daulat main say kia donate kia hay iss choor nay?

  • I do not like Musharraf for many reasons BUT-

    Let us face it- the current lot makes him look good.

    And even though his coming again is unlikely- I will bet on him rather than Zardaro and Nawaz Shareef. As for Gilani- let me make a prediction- once Musharraf does come( big If) Gilani will be in his camp like a lot of others will be too.

  • General (r) was racist and chauvinist. During his 9 1/2 years era, he did not launched / completed any mega development project meant to benefit Sons of Soil (Sindhis). NFC Award announced by him, Sindh suffered Rs 14 billion per year as confirmed by MQM's senior minister Syed Sardar.

    His hatred against people of Sindh and Balochistan was an 'Open Secret". He should be tried by United Nation for observing racial discrimination.

  • Sons of Soil (Sindhis)

    Shame on you, you sindhi racist. In 6o-70s your sindh was a desert that has been worked out into green by Baluch and Punjabis mostly, possibly others except sindhis.

  • Kia hum nay koee Race laga rakhi hay Koon Zyada Aid Collect karta hay? Aid ka paisa Istimal Kaisay hOta Hay , this is the most important thing.

    west Science and technology mein taraki kar rha hay oor hum AID mangnay k scientific tareekay aiejad karhay hein