Pakistan invaded by Saudi Arabia

  • By all appearances Pakistan is neither a land occupied nor Invaded like Iraq or Afghanistan, it begs the question then why is terrorism related violence now the highest to emanate from Pakistani soil and be committed in it. Reality is Saudi Arabia invaded and destroyed the soul of Pakistan over the last 30 years. Even today Saudis are busy destroying the last ethos of tolerant and harmonious spirit of Pakistanis

  • interesting, but illogical, you might want to explain how did you reach this conclusion?

  • NP, Please take the name Saudi out of your post and you have a better answer. Pakistan was created in 1949 but the sarzameen has been invaded and occupied spritually and physically for last 1400 years by the desert dwellers from Hijaz. The same desert dwellers that brought light into the darkness of so many pagan lands.

    Allama Iqbal:

    Thaa yahan hangama un sahra nasheenon ka kabhee

    bahr baazigah tha jinke safeenoun ka kabhee

    Zalzale jin se shahinshahoun ke darbaroun me the

    bijliyoun ke aashiane jin ki talwaroun me the

  • Not Possible

    Saudi Arabia is not the only culprit of this dirty game. There are many other culprits are also playing the same dirty game. Please bring all the culprits to the view.

    Our religious leaders are no doubt the people for sale. They receive heavy funds from abroad and play the dirty games assigned to them by their funders.

    Our society has been a pluralistic society. The peoples belonging to different schools of thought lived in an environment of harmony and tolerance. We can continue to live the same way till the day of judgement.

    The funders are maintaining the orders of their countries in perfect state but disturbing the affairs of their brother country.

  • Anglo-American-Arab influence on pakistani elite is one of the major reason we can't control violence in pakistan. unless we wake up and come up with a comprehensive home grown policy that addresses basic issues we are not going to end violence in pakistan.

    we the people of pakistan are subsidizing american war instead of spending money on education/healthcare and employment opportunities.

    The status quo forces of PPP-PML(N)-PML(Q)-ANP-JUI-MQM will never allow this to change.

    Down with status quo.

  • Inflow of foreign financial assistance to govt. or social sector has been extremely damaging to Pakistan.

    The early Chinese leaders made a policy from day one to regret the acceptance of any foreign aid. They also closed the doors to any foreign intervention. These are some of the things which have been instrumental in the fast growth of China.

    We have already paid heavy costs of foreign interruptions which arrive with foreign funds.

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