Revenge in the civilized West!

  • According to Wikipedia-

    In 1661, Oliver Cromwell's body was exhumed from Westminster Abbey, and was subjected to a posthumous execution,

    Symbolically, this took place on 30 January; the same date that Charles I had been executed. His body was hanged in chains at Tyburn. Finally, his body was thrown into a pit, while his severed head was displayed on a pole outside Westminster Hall until 1685.

    Afterwards the head changed hands several times, including the sale in 1814 to a man named Josiah Henry Wilkinson, before eventually being buried in the grounds of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, in 1960.[106][107]

  • is that an attempt to maintain a little balance in finding evils :)

    what's the point? this incident isn't linked with any underlying value system, which is the case when evil is found in Muslims or Islamic XYZ

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