What if we were Honest!

  • Pakistan has been in existence for 63 years.

    Isn’t it true that all the rulers of Pakistan have been Muslims ?

    As yet we keep blaming India, Israel and the West for all of our problems that we have today.

    The bankruptcy of the country is not the doing of some Indian agent but of those that have been in power- all of them Muslims.

    Those that have enriched themselves by billions by stealing from the country are also all Muslims.

    Those that have not done their jobs in an honest manner and have neglected the welfare of the country

    are also all Muslims.

    Those that have introduced westoxication and western cultural ethos are also all Muslims.

    The country is a cesspool of pollution of all kinds, garbage, chemical pollution of rivers, no sewerage system that works and yes all of the perpetrators are Muslims too.

    The roads and bridges which have been built since 1947 are worthless and breakdown within a year of construction and have recently been washed away by the super flood- were all built by Muslim engineers and contractors.

    No one can honestly deny this indictment of the Muslims of Pakistan as the record of 63 years speak for itself.

    Just imagine where we would be today if we were honest for 63 years !

  • And one more addition to the above.

    Those that broke the dikes( " bunds") to protect their own lands and factories while scarificing millions of poor people also are Muslims and did not come from America , India or Israel.

  • @shimatoree

    True BUT one cannot -- CANNOT -- just ignore the part played by the West. Without going into history, tell me who are the real authors/guarantors of NRO? You seriously don't believe people "voted" for this lot do you? To put PPP in power was a decision not made by the ballot box but by people sitting in Washington, D.C. The decision to sabotage Swat deal and begin operation was not made by Kiyani but by Pentagon. Sure billions are being stolen by our corrupt "Muslims" but many more billions are (and have been) stolen by the West (a quick look at debt-servicing expenditure should confirm it: it is above 32% of the budget); And don't forget every loan we get, it is the West that keeps at least 50% in consultancy charges. And also don't forget where the billions stolen ends up -- in bank accounts in the West, as do those thieves (Mush, Altaf, Army Generals, etc.)

    No denying the sellers are Muslims but one cannot ignore the buyers either. When one blames the West (or Israel or India), it does not mean one is excusing the corruption of the "Muslims". It is not a mutually-exclusive proposition. BOTH are guilty and ignoring the ("white-collar") crimes of West is ignoring the elephant in the room.

    What if we were honest? Of course West would not find partners among the Muslims.

    But ignoring the role of the west is ignoring hundreds of years of colonization and what it stands for. Ignoring it is believing we are a free and independent nation -- something we are NOT!

  • good question .

    if we were honest .

    we have never been facing that miserable conditions ,we are suffering today .

    and all the corrupt leaders along with their chalilaas would have been in jails .

  • no candies for you Nota, you are diverting the subject and losing objectivity here :)

    no counter arguments are welcome, only take the theory and apply it to earn the candies :)

  • Honesty? Who says we are not? Pakistan is honest to 80% at least. The remaining 20% have raked in the money perhaps, made the wrong foreign alliances and, afflicted by that strange disease called materialism, have adopted corruption as their way of life.

    Pakistan was handed over on a platter to the original people inhabiting the areas alloted the the newborn country. They never needed to lift a finger for the creation of Pakistan, unlike those who struggled in at the cost of their lives to this country. Those people never gave Pakistan the deep, enduring love it deserved.

    Well, shimatoree, the Quaid-e-Azam, agent or not but in no way a fool, did say it would take at least a hundred years for this country to become a solid construct. We'll return in another forty years to comment on how honest, strong and efficient Pakistan has become at long last.

  • he he he he

    we are honest in dishonesty .

    we are honest with corruption.

    we honestly tell the lie .

    we honestly sell bad things .

    we honestly back bite to each other .

    our leader honestly destroy us .

    our cricketers honestly ditch us .

    our media honestly fool us .

    our Govt honestly makes money out of us .

    and u ppl say we are not honest???????

  • nota-

    Your points are well taken and are a historical fact but

    the question I raise is still valid -(though only 50 % of the story) since -

    The defeat of Bengal- thanks to Mir Jafar

    The defeat of Tipu Sultan - thanks to Mir Sadiq

    The defeat in 1857- thanks to traitors in the house of the Mughals

    And our current troubles certainly are due to our political leaders-(imposed or not)_

    You understand where I am coming from.

  • As choosy so rightly put it: we are honest in dishonesty!

    As for Mir Jafar, Mir Sadiq and all the other traitors, of pre-colonisation India, west hand was visible there as well. Which is not to say Islam has not had its huge number of traitors from the word go. Weren't we warned about that on many occasions?