Musharraf is a spent cartridge

  • Musharraf who used to pose himself to be the whiz and maestro in Pakistan was eventually stalled under a chalked plan by his US masters

    to install yet another proxy: BB.

    Sadly BB got eliminated before, even she could take charge... and more sad ---it is that in order to comply with his masters orders--- very hastily, Musharraf handed over the rein of government to a band of goons like; corrupt Zardari and his cohorts.

    Musharraf left the Pakistanis high and dry and they are now caught up in the clutches of savages found imposed upon them and on the other side; the stock of calamities are persistently unleashing one after another by the Mother Nature—which is crushing them down and leaving them battered---looks like they are likely stay in this state of turmoil for a long time to come.

    Musharraf may see his, some residual credibility which can be said that it is still holding some waters among the masses for his previous good deeds but realistically speaking, he is a spent cartridge and may not carry it’s ----any reuseable value. No spark may ignite the ashes and No charity may bring back the dead to life.

    His one million sterling pounds flat near London Edgware Road is surely a good rest resort for him to spend rest of life in the neighbourhood of another US poodle Tony Blare; where reportedly he is being looked after very well.

    To some the above may look very flawed but this is the matter of truth which even; Musharraf may not be able to refute it.

    Media is full of Rumors of his going back to Pakistan but ---if at all he goes back to Pakistan; he may only go back ridding the wings of USA. Just imagine that what all--- US must have done by that time to this land of ours before he could be reinstalled; if at all he is reinstalled.


  • No

    A ..... should be spent

  • Musharraf is in for big time chitrol the moment he decides to land in Pakistan.

  • I know; that under the present precarious situation prevalent in our country; considering the past personal conduct, Musharraf certainly may look like a saintly figure. Few may also like to count the gentle man---a would be saviour of this nation but other than the natural clematis that Pakistan is engulfed in----what all we are suffering from-- the anarchy in the society, the extremisms are the gifts bestowed by this so called maestro.

    He is trying to be portrayed--good through some charity works in the fields of flood reliefs--- but one has to see the developing scenarios on this land which is beyond the flood reliefs.

    He is a military general and all the Military generals they carry 'just one life’ to their account.


  • he he he

    Mush is a big time gamer .

    he is a gamer ,i m telling u .

    he is upto something ..something disasterous for Pakistan .

  • To some it may look very flawed but above is the jist of matter of truth which even; Musharraf may not be able to refute it.

    As said earlier; if at all he goes back; he will only go back ridding the wings of USA. Just imagine that what all--- US must have done by that time to this land of ours before he is reinstalled; if at all he is reinstalled.

  • Pakistan is changing but Musharafs,Zardaris and Sharifs are still living in 90s.Musharaf is joker who is always under the influence of alkohol.His tenure was an azab on this nation and imagine what would be the second if there is any?

  • @wantinsaf,

    If there is a second chance for Mushi boy this time around, you can betcha a$$ that Immi boy wouldn't make the same mistakes from last time and will gleefully sit in his lap anticipating a PM post; this time without having even one seat in Parliament!

  • @ siddiqi73

    No No aab saint Imran Khan ka zamir baq chukka hai,aisaa nahi boltay :):)

    BTW agar Mushy ko marnay ka mood hoo raha tu zaroor Pakistan aiaaa,awam will welcome him with shoes :):)


    I was able to write an article about President Musharraf which was widely published in May 2010. You may go through it. It is few months old but still holds good. Any how I am still of the opinion that for the benefits of Pakistan:

    Musharraf May Best Serve Pakistan as a Visionary

    Please Link:


  • @Aay Khokar

    Great piece of Writing....Your article worth paid attention to by Musharraf himself...What I think in your article is that Musharraf cant become president once again and I totally Agree with that in current circumstances Musharraf cant make any Impact or grab that much support to make him something but their is something called TRYING and he should do that while rest his case on People to decide....Anyways Thanks for sharing....

  • AK-

    with all due respect to you- I feel that you are mistaken in thinking Musharraf as a visionary.

    He does not have the intellect( nor imagination). I have met him and I can tell you he is a very ordinary below average person who has had delusions of grandeur. That is also the view of many who have worked with him both in the army and during his rule.

    I watched his body language on his telethon.

    My view is he is finished and he knows it.

  • Lol @ Mush the poodle's supporters...get a life boys!

  • wantinsaf

    Who is the most alcholic? Imran, Musharaff or Altaf? Aik hammam mein sub naangay hain yar

  • And I repeat - I like 'chala hua kartoos' better.

  • yes a chala huwa kartoos indeed..

    but seriously what odds does mushy have in pakistani politics which heavily revolves around ethnicity or tribe or feudal or nationalist or beraderi or community?? he has no roots

    so what he may be thinking in head is that current pakistani situation demands a change, army can not take over directly but may force zardari/gilani to resign put mushy as president and make fresh elections

    i mean without external support this chala hua kartoos is hopeless-

  • Mush Amerika kay pass se launch kiya ja rahay hain.

    Kiyani bechary ne fouj ko jo bahal izzat de hay .

    wohh mitti mein milany kay liye .

    kionkay Amerika yahi chahta hay .

    bhala koi Zardrai se bura yah acha ho sakta hay ?

    Mush ne kiya teer marr leena hay aa kay ?

    idhar udhar kay logon aur Larkiyon (Kashmala piyare aur Hina Rabbani :):):) wagahira ko lay kay teetar batair hukumat ....MQM kay ghunday bhi shamil ho jayein gaye .

    ghunday aur pariyan kiya kar lein gae mulk ki iss khuf naak surat e haal mein ?

  • "Hey Musharraf considering top job again!!!"

    "Ya, he has finished his vacation abroad!!!"

  • Mush ko top job milay gi kaise ?

    2 takkay ka siaysat dan hay wohh ab .

    na koi party na manifesto na constituency ...

    wohh koi fouji general nahi ab .

    yaad rahay ;usski khaki rang ki khaal utar chuki hay ...

    he he he

  • musharaf is a spent cartridge and the printed pages are still mounting on the iqtadari kursi like amended dastoor. toe it, you too can survive for sometime.