Iran supports American war

  • i hope this program would help clarify the reality to those who think that iran defies the west-

    gulbadeen hikmat yaar with salim safi

  • guys it is a very important program -a must watch for all-

  • @salam

    Sorry but i will not take Gulbudin Hikmatyar's word for it and that too on Jirga with Safi as it would contain added spin (not that "Iran supporting US" on some issues would surprise me after the proven examples of Libyan and Syrian regimes being part of the game)

  • Iranis are very patriotic to their country. They don't confuse their patriotism with any other feelings or emotions. They do what they feel to be the best in the interest of their country and nation. In their best interest, they supported the USA in the cases of both Afghanistan and Iraq.

  • Can we, then, add that Pakistan is also a very patriotic country because it gave support to the enemy in its Muslim wars?

    I have often been told that Islam is inscribed in the DNA of the Muslim. I must say that DNA over time has been diluted in a lot of double-crossing of fellow Muslims.

    If what is said above is halfway true, I'm glad I'm Pakistani and not Iranian, Libyen, Syrian or Saudi. At least we have the guts to fight a war within a war.

  • We fought the wars for others without safeguarding our national interests, so all our cooperation with the USA came to our total disadvantage. Iranis cooperated with the USA TO safeguard of their national interests. This the evident difference between the Iranian and Pakistani leaderships.

    Their leadership is loyal to their country and nation, whereas ours is otherwise.

  • HF, yes. But in the present context, our nation happens to be less important than our Afghan brethren. We are fighting alongside them in our own way. And paying the price, too, in human lives, infrastructure, stability, security.

    I for one am glad we have not left the Afghan Resistance with no support at all. We have turned out to be, in our own curious way, more of a Muslim nation than any of the others named so far on this thread.

  • Why is Salam no longer responding?? Why are people like him hell bent on mailigning Iran?

    You speak of Iran? What about Americas Middles Eastern pet gulf States? What About best buddies the Saudis (60bn arms deal) Jordanians, Egyptians what about them?

  • NP,

    All are in the same boat. Ahmedinijad visited Saudi as well as Gulf states and has excellent relationship with those criminals. Why can't Iran boycott those clowns? Iran has not boycotted the criminal Maliki of Iraq who runs his government under American guns. How can Iran support the American installed puppet in Iraq. BTW, Ahmedinijad supports another installed puppet-Karzai. Why he is on side of oppressors? The dubious role played by the so called Islamic Republic of Iran certainly merits strong outrage.

  • Iran stands against the oppressor on a world stage, it vocaly opposes the US and Isreal. It helps the Palestinains, it leads the Al-Quds rallies. It supported the Hezbollah to victory aginst Isreal.

    Iran also stands by Ithad Bainul Muslameen, believing no matter you still stand by your own. It wants good relations with all muslim countries.

    Taliban massacared the Shia Hazras, yet Iran stood up to voice support for them against the US. Shias and Sunni Kurds were brutally masacared in the Saddam regieme, Iran would support stability in Iraq in a way so that shias and others are never suppresed again.

  • NP, I'm an Iran person myself. How not to be? they've done such a splendid job of bringing their country round to Muslim ways.

    But I do object to the constant propaganda stuff against Saddam Hussein's Iraq. He did make a lot of mistakes. I'm not defending those. I'll tell you one thing I'll not forgive Iran for: they contributed along with the criminals called the "world community" to the deaths of half a million or so people, many of them kids, during the near 12 years of international sanctions against Iraq. That was no Muslim act on their part, believe you me. Just an act of mean revenge. Power politics do not square with the Islamic ethos. Never has done and never will do so.

  • well, with all due respect but iran's role in iraq invasion and afghan invasion can not be ignored, the sher political influence that iran enjoys today in iraq and afghanistan is unprecedented-

    if it wasn't for iran's agreement, US would never have been able to stablize iraq, shia joined the american backed political system with iranian patronage-

    iran is a major beneficiary of iraqi invasion -forget what ahmadinejad says, just look at ground reality for God's sake.

  • @Salam

    "iran is a major beneficiary of iraqi invasion -forget what ahmadinejad says, just look at ground reality for God's sake."

    True. But let's not forget the past beneficiaries who made deals with the devil...the Devil works in a curious way...he always turns 'round towards his partners (ask Saddam, Noreiga, etc....).

    So, Iran Beware! ;-)

  • Khomeni strongly criticized Saddam, Zia and the Arab leaders. In my opinion too, they deserved criticism. Why did not Khomeni ever criticize the Syrian culprit 'Hafiz Ul Asad'? Was he different from other leaders of the Muslim states?

  • What deal with the devil, Iran wants America to get out off Iraq and Afghanistan ASAP, what proof do you have to doubt your intentions. As for Saddam well he gassed thosands of Kurds and Shias in Iraq alone, the atrocities that he commited during the Iran and Iraq war were far out numbered.

    One more thing, why does Iran not have the right to protect shias from oppression, and persecution that they face?

  • "Iran wants America to get out off Iraq and Afghanistan ASAP"

    Iran knows very well that Americans are there to stay for decades. America will not leave ASAP as you imagine. That will not happen even after America hands over power to puppets like Maliki and Karzai.

  • What world do all of you live in? You seem to know neither what Saddam Hussein did or did not do. Nor your Syria, Nor, for that matter, your Iran. As for US staying on in Iraq and Afghanistan, ha, bloody ha! Have none of you any idea of what the US economy is doing? The dollar has stopped being the reserve currency of the world and no one has caught on so far? And defending Iran does not mean to overlook its many errors as well. And, for your information, it was Iran that gassed the stupid Kurds not Saddam through that much-maligned person who came to be known as Chemical Ali.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    @Salam: (1) What are you trying to say here, through this thread ?

    (2) What ground realities ?

    I'll admit, right now, I have no idea of 'Middle East' 'politics'.

    (3) US/Nato and their allies are 'routing' their 'military supplies' through Pakistan

    A great deal of them. What is Iran doing to help USA's 'cause' ?

    You did hear Mr. Hikmatyar say, he was 'safe' in Iran, before US <-> Afghan war, right ?

  • HK, what i am trying to say is that watch the program-

    see if you can study middle east conflicts, powers, roles, stake holders etc...

  • Some oppressors in the Muslim world are visible and some are invisible. The acts of both are condemnable.