Say No to protocol for so called VVIPs ...

  • Protocol of VVIPs has made our life hell .

    every third day either Zardari or his aides (idiots ) are on a special visit for Karachi and Karachities has to face miserable traffic jams at major roads ,air ports and business centers .

    same happens when they move to any other city .

    every citizen is less important than the so called VIP .

    patients , students ,teachers , office workers suffers the most .

    we should move a campaign against this so called security protocol .

    which has made our lives a hell hole .

    our hours are not as cheap to be spend on roads for long , as some VVIP is moving on the road .

    because we are earning sons and daughters of Pakistan.

    these VVIPs are not the ones , who pays bills or taxes to make the financial conditions any better .

    ironically ,this so called security always ends up like an incident of Liaqat Bagh .

    so whats the point then ????

  • @Beenai

    "same happens when they move to any other city ."

    The same is true even when they are not moving -- with all those 24-hour road barriers. And thank God you don't live close to one of these VVLLPs (very, very low-life p!gs)!!!

  • this is the most recent but not the only example of so called protocol .

    birth of a baby in Rikshaw and many more are there to feel miserably angry for .

    i reject the notion that they are more important than any other Pakistani.

    whether its Zardrai or Nawaz or Shahbaz or Gillani for that matter .

  • @Beenai

    "this is the most recent but not the only example of so called protocol "

    By no means. Couple of weeks ago police working Zulfiqar Khosa's protocol beat up a rickshaw driver trying to take his sick father to the hospital. We also know he killed one and injured two when he ran over a mototor cycle in his excitement to get to the off road rally in Baltistan. I am sure less than 1% such cases get reported...and no one reports the lost time and burnt fuel of the masses.

  • Thanks for a nice thread. We should all join hands and as one voice say no to protocols for these worthless good for nothings.

  • yah ...

    and my question behind this move is :

    are these VVIPs more human beings than ourselves ?

    @Semirza .

    thanks Mirza sahib .

    i want to initiate a serious thread for some time .

    and find this topic getting ignored by others ,so i initiated it myself.

  • iss protocol ka aik faida zaror hay .

    aap ko Khuda yaad aajata hay .

  • I met a policeman in plain clothes during a conference in a hotel. The governor of Sindh was the Chief Guest in the conference.  In his friendly talk, the policeman  told me that the policemen were so tired and irritated of providing security to VVIP's that if the governor were attacked the policemen would like to be the first people to escape from the spot for saving their lives.

  • This protocol is forced by their Chamchas, not sure if they order them self for a protocol.

  • well , if protocol has been ordered by chamchas ,  even then they the so called leaders should realize the problems , has been faced by public , due to this protocol process .

  • Why should they realize, they are 'izzat k bhikari' who beg other for their respect

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    Some weeks ago, I was coming back from my to-be in-laws. When we reached near 'Thokar' (in urdu) in Lahore, a convoy of I believe CM Punjab was coming up behind my car.

    The policemen in Pajero/Jeep ahead of them wanted me to move off the road, or stop at the side till the CM had passed away.

    I opened the window of my car and 'shouted' at them;

    you are 'alive' on 'our' 'money'

    and didn't give them any space. I ensured 'my'! 'convenience', rather than the convenience of CM at expense of my 'convenience'.

    This is what I do. I don't give them any more 'protocol' than what they deserve. They are public servants, our! servants. We don't have to 'sacrifice' our convenience for them. They! have to sacrifice their convenience for us!, the people.

    How do the rest of you act ?

  • @hariskhan thats really great, but i wonder if they didn't do anything against you in response?

  • These VVIPs are mostly burdensome on the nation with no productivity.

  • whenever i stuck in traffic jams ,due to this high level protocol business .
    i always ends up thinking about Benazir murder .

    she was given already PM level security ,though was not PM at that point in time ....
    she has got a huge security personnel with her .
    she was in a bullet proof car from USA .
    when her death time has come ...
    she got murdered ...
    in the day light ...
    in front of thousands of people .
    despite of bullet proof jecket and vehicle .
    she got killed .............................

    why all the VVVIPs thinks about her death while asking for protocol of security for themselves?

  • Good thread !
    I support this idea to not to give ANY special protocol to those thugs.
    I was wondering if we could start an internet movement about it for some awareness to others ? We surely need to spread this.

  • salaudin,
    yah , that was the whole idea behind initiating this thread .
    we should start a cyber campaign against this unneccessary burden ,we are taking in the name of so called VVVIPs security .

    our money has been used to get bullet proof vehicles and weapons for security personnel.

    and we are the ones , who are suffering due to this protocol .
    pateints lost thier lives waiting for Ambulance to come.
    students got late for thier exams .
    office workers got late to their duties ....
    so on and so forth .

    why only we suffer ??all the time ? all the way ?
    and for those losers ,who claims to be our leaders .

  • This post is deleted!

  • I want to clear the allegations about Protocol !!

    Everyone even a normal person want a security for his life, im talking about law and order if sumthing goes wrong like bomb, suicide etc and ppl killed we usually criticise Government for lack of protection and security. Same for political leaders they also human beings and need security and protection. Protocol actually is also part of 'Security' to let the political leaders or VIPs safely through crowded traffics.This happen all over the world even in under developed countries. But in Pakistan we have this system managed in very Pathetic ways and usually people have to wait hours in traffic causing troubles and choas.