India sells its soul to devil to deal with China and Pakistan

  • The USA has proven to be of dubious standards. On the one hand, it condemns Burma for HR issues and on the other hand encouraging India to extend hand of friendship to Burmese military junta to be able to deal with China. India for its expansionist designs seem to have sold its sould to the devil. Read more here:

  • Seven Sisters are on a verge of breaking away from Indian federation, backed by China and Burma combined. This is being done through Mao rebels who rule the centre and north east.

    Nepal is not in a mood to cooperate and so is Bangladesh. Silgiri corridor the only access to mentioned north eastern seven states is max 20 km wide and can be easily blocked cutting off Indian troops. This is what India fears the most.

    China has secured some naval bases in Burma thus limiting India from the North and East.

    India has sold its soul to the devil that is America and anti Christ (dijjal) that is Israel.

  • soul was soled successfully back in 2000 during 5 day historic visit by bill clinton, that marked official transition from russian camp to amrican camp

  • Well at least they get the best bang for the buck. We did the same and get nothing out of it...