16th September 1982

  • 16th September 1982

    Around 2000 innocent Palestinians and Lebanese civilians were massacred by a Lebanese militia and the Israeli army within 36 hours. The Sabira and Shatila Palestinians refugee camps were raided by the Christian phalangist group backed by the Israeli army a few hours after the assassination of the Christian President-Elect Bashir Jemayel. Women raped,babies shot, men slit apart. Entire families murdered in cold blood. The alleys of the camps were full of bodies within a day of mass murder.

    More : http://natashasuleman.wordpress.com/2010/09/16/remembering-beirut/

  • natasha, thank you. That was very well done on your part. Who else otherwise would have thought to remind us that tomorrow will be the mournful anniversary of the horrors of Sabra and Shatila. Rest assured we shall share the pain of our Palestinian brothers and sisters grieving over that tragic event in their much-chequered recent past.

  • It's more about 'human blood quality' .

    16/9/1982 - Foreign Minister Aerial Sharon held responsible for the massacre.

    Justice - he resigned only to become the Prime Minister later.

    11/9/2001 - A bunch of terrorists held responsible

    Justice - A crusade.

    16/9/2010 - Nobody remembers Beirut. For what happened in NY - The Killing continues.

  • natasha, very sound, subtle remarks. You have done this sad day proud. And, indeed, the Killing continues. But true Justice will also come for that over time.