Change of ..............or is it within PPP Govt - Is it imminent??

  • There has been far too many news items, incidents and rumours (some listed below) in the last few weeks that suggest change of or/and in PPP Govt is imminenet. Is it true or is it just a rumour?

    • some rather little known international media suggesting british govt is getting evacuation plans in place if the govt falls? but why British? are they spreading news on behalf of 'us' the real masters?

    • Anqalab Hussain's recent statement inviting Martial Law (no body would invite it openly but obviously use covert words)....... 'Aur Roza lagne ke bawajood' very swiftly followed by Internet Khan's wellcome message on the news (anyway he can always apologies to the nation afterwards). JI is quite which is always good although suspicious but perhaps they are not that important anymore!

    • Extension of service of the Chief by the day pretty late pm.... when such had not to be notified for another few months!

    • Sharif's being against the fall of an already falling govt..... evident from the sudden ceasefire of declaration of the announcement of near war only a few week that either they get a full term also next time (which is more or less definite) or that their interests are not jeopardised

    • Mush suddenly realising he must go to Pakistan......even though the music in Pakistan that he will face will not be the same as he enjoys every evening in London?

    • Most importantly Zardari will be delighted if he becomes a 'victim' again ....... only to return in few years (with Bilawal arriving Pakistan a few weeks before him just like BB did!)........afterall economy of a country is difficult to manage, sindh card is lost amongst many other things in the floods, every one talks about governance & he cant even spell it and lastly but most importantly he needs time to count all 'that' cash too...... so issued a statement

    Another big question is, assuming it is not a rumour then how is it gonna happen as there is unlikely to be a traditional Martial Law?

    • Aitezaz Ahsan has been very quite in the last few weeks?...... and he was always worked towards, noted and quoted as someone who can manage ZAB's PPP after BB, after his success with mobilising and managing people about 3 years ago......and more importantly that their isnt anyone else inside PPP to be able to do it!

  • he he he

    hukumat pehli baar dekhi , jo khud jaana chah rahi hay .

    aur opposition ussko roke rahi hay .

  • change of Govt may have something for US masters .

    something for opportunist leaders of PPP ,MQM, PMLN ,PMLQ ,ANP, PMLF ,JUI ,JI , JUP ...

    but it has nothing for the people of Pakistan .

    a national Govt , consists of different losers all over the place , wont get us much solution for the complex situation we are in.

  • half hearted statement from Zaradri....while standing with another international champion of democracy Karzai he said “Rumours are rumours and I will not comment on rumours,” he said at a joint press conference with his Afghan counterpart Hamid Karazi....the only 'counterpart' in international community that he has!

    'President Asif Ali Zardari and Afghan President Hamid Karzai, meanwhile, reiterated their determination to remain engaged on issues of economy, trade, business, security and war against terror'....the 2 world champions of tackling such issues

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    change ki baat karnay walay , khud change ki nazar ho gaye tou kiya hoga ?????

  • like clarifications from PM and President were not enough Mehr Bukhari Wala Kaira comes into field to add to, or to give strength to, the 'rumours'

    'The government Wednesday ruled out the chances of imposition of martial law in the country and said that some colleagues are inviting anarchy, not revolution. He also alleged some media houses were trying to trigger anarchy by painting a bleak picture of Pakistan’s affairs' Kaira

  • Nawas calls for constitutional change of Govt....otherwise Martial Law is possible

    Ary reporting. Zardari has called in meeting of cabinet

    Altaf Hussain cancels his birthday celebrations....meetings with MQM members

  • for last 2 days or so the change in govt and removal of Zardari seems to be the topic of every anchor and talkshow which must be very painful for Zardari, but Rehman Malik is very quite............. i suspect something to divert the focus from these news, which he is normally tasked to do ....and in most instances it results in bloodshed eg a b@mb bl@st at a relatively unthought of place...... May All@h protect all the innocent

  • 1lhr@

    im agree wid you. When ever there iz sum deep trouble for PPP or Zardari during dat time we have seen bomb blast sucide attack to divert the public attention from them.

  • @coolbema

    as feared ...............'The ministry of interior (read RM) has warned the Punjab home secretary, the provincial police officer and the Punjab DG Rangers that a suicide bomber onboard an explosive laden vehicle has reached Lahore to meet the given target.

  • Zardari vows to save democracy from derailment and states 'democracy will be saved from derailment in any kind of circumstances

    does that mean he is giving up now....or would he require an ambulance?

  • Zardari infact need a proper grave to be buried so we can get rid of "NAHOSAT"

  • perhaps a grave of solid gold filled with cash.........and sealed with solid lead and concrete so the occupant's nahusat cannot effect the ones outside anymore!