Shameless Fazal ur Rehman and the forty thieves

  • Initially they even denied Drone attacks by saying that they were targeted attacks carried out by Pak army, then it became Drone attacks by US Army without the "Asherbad" of govt and now, this B A S T A R D is claiming that these (we already know that anyway) drone attacks are carried out with the consent of the government of Pakistan. So why the fcuk this fat B A S T A R D is still part of this corrupt govt? JUP, PML(N) and MQM... all of them have ditched their voters but still are stuck to Zaradri's A R S E so that they can reap the benefit of corruption as well. These B A S T AR D S don't deserve anything else but a hole in their skull. ALLAH tujay aur tuj jaisey doosray doe moun ka sanpoun(snake's) ko tabbah aur gharrat karey!;

  • well, fazlu's bayemaani is no hidden thing, what puzzles me is how does he manage to keep support from mullas of JUI, mullas of JUI are suppose to be hard core anti-american..

    by the way JUP is brelvi... while JUI is deobandi-

  • ameeen...

    best would be to convince ordinary ppl on how corrupt and insincere these politicians are....never elect them...stand against them...keep running the awareness campaingn and one day we may not be able to see them as our rulers...

    its really worrisome now to hear in news everyday about the drone attacks hitting our soil and killing ppl on daily basis...i think its the third consecutive day that i been hearing about drones attacks!

  • Fazlo jee ka kiya kehna .

    apni zaat mein anjuman hain....

    he he he

  • @choosy: Bhai woh zaat ma anjuman ho nah hoon, munafaqat ka haram kha kha kar size ma anjuman sa kam nahi hain.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    @KHAN_Sahib: You say you are from Pashtoon ?

    Why don't you go to the 'people' who support Mr. Fazl-ur-Rahman, who vote for him, and talk to them, try to change their hearts ?

    The real 'b a s t a r d s' are the 'people' who 'entrust' power with him i.e., pashtoon people who vote him into power.

  • @Dusky bhai ,

    he he he

    issay kehtay hain Nehlay pe Dehla ...

  • I think Diesel is not Pashtoon, he is Siraiki. Am i right Khan sahib?

  • Qazi Hussain Ahmed and Molana Diesel are passenger of Same Boat. They are unpredictable.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    @super soldier: If that is how it is, why don't you 'struggle' to 'change' it for the better ?

  • @KHAN_Sahib

    Best struggle would be that after when the true nature of Qazi Hussain Ahmed and Moulana Fazal Ur Rahman has been brought up and exposed in public, they should be paid no attention at all by keeping them out of news.

  • You cannot ignore these two mullahs. They have big connections with taliban commanders. And we all know where that money is flowing from.

  • Mullan doo piazah hay yeh zaat e shreef,

    Uskie too shakal say hee sub kuch aayaan hay.

  • @SS

    "They are unpredictable."

    I say the complete opposite is true. They are the most predictable. Always available to the highest bidder.

  • @haris khan

    You don't know who i am, whether is am struggling or not.

    So please stop ur Conjecture!

    But remember one thing u can't attain justice by following a corrupt person i.e Qazi Hussain. U have made him ur Spiritual Guru. He ain't no sipirual Guru, never was.



    Right man. He is unpredictable. How he change the thoughts of Haris Khan. Amazing

    Predictable or unpredicted

    In the background of video there is written (Roshni) "Light"

    Opposite of LIGHT is DARKNESS

  • Every single player in this game is predictable. Follow the money.

  • some time in the line of work player like qazi hussain and Molana Deisel Spent money to acquire more money. It's pure madness.

    The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world. So, wake up, Mr. . Wake up and smell the ashes.

  • Fazlur has a Ever green Hatchery

    Na Sahibaan e Janoun hain.Na Ehlay e kashfo kammal

    Humaray Ehd main aaeen Kasaftain kaisee


    Yeh Daur e Bayhunraan hey bacha rakho khud ko

    Yahaan Sadaqtain kaisi, Karamatain kaisee

  • Moulana Diesel is no doubt one of the shrewdest politicians of our politics. He senses the forthcoming change of tides and accordingly changes his direction.

  • is the name of one of forty thiefs ...... Qazi Husain Ahmed?