Change a term to deceive us again!

  • It’s very unfortunate and sad to listen to the ‘intelligentsia’ of Pakistan talking about change referring to Bangladesh Model, kakar formula, technocracy etc. Is it justified to use the term change for the plastic surgery or hiding a deep fracture in the wall with new paint?

    Please comment on what do you mean by change, what to change and how to change???

  • Bangalis are traitors. They are sick of Money and Land.

    Islam (complete code of life) is change.

  • all the so called options being discussed over the TV channels fall under "Constitutional" & "Democratic" category-

    this essentially means expect no change but a facial change-

  • Exactly!!! They are using this term to give false hoped to the people and to contain them within the framework they have devised so that they don’t think out of the box.