Dr Imran Farroq of MQM - murdered??

  • ARY reporting that Imran Farooq has been murdered.....awaiting MQM to confirm

    who could kill him whilst living in London?

    were there any conflicts within MQM?

    was he still with MQM or estranged with Altaf Hussain?

  • Allah Karachi ko Bachaye.

    Everyone needs to remain calm and not do something stupid.

  • Who could have killed Imran Farooq? You don't need to be an Einstein to come up with the answer. A dissident living in London, apparently he fell out with Altaf Hussain and may be this is the price he paid for his differences with the Goon. Now MQM will raise all hell over the murder, yom e sog will be declared, his death will be mourned big time. Typical MQM approach. All voices of suspicion will be shouted down. Altaf Hussain's message to all karkunan "shed crocodile tears over the death".

  • I once met an MQM dissident abroad, he was a dissident and was running from the retribution of the party and was desperate to prolong his stay abroad.

  • So from now on Altaf bhai's birthday will be Imran Farooq's anniversary.

  • so two down ...after Azeem Tariq .

    is this was the revolution , Altaf Hussain was looking for ?

    Imran met the fate ,ultimate for MQMers ....

    no matter how faithful they were to the party.

  • Zardari calls all his federal ministers to Islamabad for a meeting.Says all should be present.

    Altaf cancels his birthday celebrations.

    Dr. Imran Farooq is murdered in London.

    What next?

  • What next?

    Rehman Malik was not present at the federal minister's meeting called by Zardari?

    when will be next meeting called

    who will be next?

  • @Beenai

    And both had been the most senior members infact founding members of MQM but, something is a bit out of sync here. Dr. Imran Farooq had been excommunicated since two years ago!

  • sad but

    dhanda hey yeah ganda hey....

  • Good thing its happened in UK and sct yard will try to find back ground...

    but i bet its a case of interal fight between imran farooq

    and saleem shahzad

  • @Beenai

    'is this was the revolution , Altaf Hussain was looking for ?'

    there could be a lot more in this statement....

    • Was someone preparing/encouraging 'alternative' to Altaf who has become ganda now...for the 'revolution'

    • Did Altaf found out about the plan.

    • And then a typical end as it happens in any gang/mafia war!

  • ARY reporting that number of cars, a shop and a truck in Khi nazr-e-atish

    Has the predicted 'revolution' started?

  • i just heard this name the first time :)

  • conspiracy theory:

    1: Imran Farooq was going to announce joining Musharaf's Muslim league. so MQM's high command acted accordingly.

    ( Note: Imran farooq was already terminated from MQM leadership role 2 yrs back and he was not in good list of Mr slaeem Shazad )

    2: An open message for Altaf Huassain, stop calling for inqlab and Army... Zardari & co hands are big enough to get him.

  • you guys are just plain nuts and gone mad.

    the whole of MQM is in pain and sorrow over this including Altaf Hussain. its not a good time to make your stereotypical assertions and conspiracies.

  • i hope now iltaf hussain would be next, he must be peeing in his pants as this happened in his safe hideout :)

  • so u agree that Altaf Hussain is not safe in London itself,,, how will he be safe in Karachi?

    gotcha... now u all must be understanding.

  • okay, if iltaf claims to be a leader, then he should come out and safe his people, not hide himself far away overseas, right?

    if a common man's life is danger than the leader should help improve the situation, not run away like a geedar :)

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