Flood ,karachi,sindhis and MQM

  • yes the flood affectees r being shifted to karachi from interior sindh, around 1 million will be settled in khi 4evr,now mqm has a problem with sindhis bcoz they r coming to karachi, mqm has a problem bcoz it wants only muhajirs in khi and control khi,as u know along time ago khi was entirely sindhi populated,the status change to muhajir after 1947, now that status is changing, 1998 sindhis were 8-10% as compared to 47% muhajirs, now 20% sindhis and 40% muhajirs,sindhis and pathans r rising continuously non stop,the terrorist party mqm is scared that sindhis and pathans will become in majority in just a few decades, zulfikar mirza the hero of sindhis said,"sindhis r orignal ppl of sindh and khi,they have a right to live where ever they want in sindh,why r others not wanting them to live in khi,every one has a right to live where ever they want in pakistan"...so as u know sindhi popualtion in khi is increasing by 300,000-400,000 per year and khi will be sindhi majority in just 15-20 years,why is MQM havin problems wid sindhis, sindhis also r humans they also have rights, is the mqm scared ,every pakistani has a right to live where ever they want in pk

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