It is absurd to build a national monument in Benazir Bhutto name.

  • When Benazir Bhutto was killed, she did not bear any official national status except that the lady was the chair person of a political party and an ex-prime minister of a defunct government. Previously her government was ousted and she was de-crowned on very serious charges.

    In 2007, while she was running a political campaign, she met a tragic end. Her death may be counted as tragic incident for her party that she was a candidate and expected to become the next elected prime minister; the route for which were adequately prepared by President Pervez Musharraf; but they say; yeh kahani khatum hoi, Aghaz say pehley hi. She was killed during her campaign in private and her death may not be counted as--- she had died on duty serving a national cause.

    Who killed her and why she was killed— that is different story but—her death certainly won her party a sympathy vote and PPP had a cake walk to the seat of power.

    But even after coming to the power and after a lapse of about three years her party--PPP owing to some unexplained reasons has not been able to launch a proper FIR neither her killers have been apprehended so for.

    Her party-PPP may build Benazir monument in private but she does not deserve neither qualify for it that her official monument costing, tax payer some $11 million be built.


  • people are dying in floods and of hunger and they are wasting money on "not so very important person for Pakistan!"

    obviously a chor like Zardari will do choron waley kam :)

  • Benazir Bhutto while on herself exile in the west was moulded into a US robot. This was arranged that she must arrive back in Pakistan to replace Pervez Musharraf.

    In Pakistan, in rder to comply with the wishes of his US Masters, Musharraf laid red carpets for her reception to come and take over the rein of Pakistan from him.

    But; after her arrival in Pakistan; seeing her victory so near, sadly the lady was seen--- turned as defiant to US terms

    and eventually we see that she was eliminated.

    In all this process there seems to be no service being brought to Pakistan

    Strange enough; the tax payers are being asked to spend million for her monument which she neither deserved, nor qualifies for that.

  • abhi zara sabar kar lo .

    BB ka statu mian jee kay bagahir kiasay sajay ga ?

    unki mout pe most corrupt couple of Pakistan kay naam se aik sath statu, banwa lein gaye .

    1 ki qeemat mein 2 ..kharacha bhi kam hoga .

    he he he

  • If Zardari Clan is to bear all these expenditures, this monument will never be is a tax payer money which is free for them to eat and over spent where it is not required.

    The country is on verge of economic collapse and being run on loans,,, But Zardari clan wana waste nations money...must be pocketed too:P 10% or more:)

  • Zardari and Co ko zinda garr do ,mujasma khud ba khud ban jaye ga .he he he

    kharacha bho zero hoga .

  • All monument should be built in Naudero.

    Soon After the whole family's shahdat,include the dhool YRG>

  • The monument should be built, but not today when the country is in the state it is today.

    Benazir is the only point of unification this country has since the leaders of the independence movement, so it is high time we use this consensus as an opportunity for national cohesion.

  • Tell me honestly, why should anyone build a monument for her, what did she do for the country or her people?

    All she did was to allow her husband do whatever ha wanted to and thereby collect billions of dollars. She is equally responsible for Zardaris corruption. We all regret her untimely and tragic death but who got the benifit?

    I sincerely believe that Pakistan is a nation of hypocrites, how otherwise the whole nation can call the deceased lady a Shaheed? I'm sure if tommorow Zardari get killed by some fatal disease, he too shall be declared a Shaheed.

    Let peoples party build her a monument with money of their own or let Zardari do it with the help of looted money.