Chalk up another one

  • We have another Shaheed in the house. MQM has already started calling Daktar Imran Farooq a shaheed.

    By the number of Shaheeds we have in Pakistan, Pak should have gone through some major revolution by now and improved its condition.

  • Last words of Daktar Imran Farooq 'Shaheed':

    "Et tu, Brute?" :-P

  • It is part and parcel of the Muslim dissonance. Creating shaheeds out of brutal murders committed against each other.

  • If our Armed Forces can CREATE Shaheeds out of Genocide in east Pakistan, Taliban and their supporters create shaheed out of Suicide bombers and our Politicians create Shaheed out of Corrupt people then why is this problem from MQM????

  • because MQM is responsible for carrying out all the above i.e genocide, bombing, well as bhatta khori and murders of innpocent amongst others......... certainly bhata khori doesnt qualify for shaheeds!

  • This " Shaheed" business reflects more than anything else

    -the severe corruption and sickness of the society in Pakistan.

    And we are supposed to become the next super power !

    How by Magic of course !

  • Well, in Pakistan every political tom, d!ck & harry become shaeed once they die.

    Look at our history, one who hanged by the courts on murder charges is a "Sheed". One who's airplane blasted and died is a "shaheed". One who commit suicide blast in hope of getting 70 virgins and kill countless people is shaheed and those who get killed in those blast also labeled as shaheed. So go figure...