NA 171 - D.G. Khan-I

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    Its true that Mir Badshah khan Qaisrani being candidate for PMLN and some votes of Khosa tribe along with votes split for Khawja family is making the way for Qaisrai (N) to take this seat. I have shown this as reflected in weightage for each contestant.

    Infact There r more than 2 candidates for Khawjas of Tanusa shareef.

    Khawja sheraz of PMLQ, Khawja Nizam, (MMA), khawja mudassar mehmood (PPP) and khawja dawood (Ind, but previously was going to b PMLN candidate).

    Qaisranis r strong here, true but not beyond their provincial assembly seat (PP-240). AT least in that area PMLN candidate will take lead(big margin)

    In other area of Buzdars (PP-241), both candidates of PPP and PMLQ are Buzdars so again votes will b divided.

    PP_242 is also part of this seat (partly), here Lund and Khosas are important tribes.

    PMLQ candidate is a Lund and PMLN candidate is a Khosa.

    PPP candidate is also a khosa but not a significant one.

    But remember all Khosas are not supporting zulfiqar khosa either as Amjad farooq khosa has his own vote bank. He had been in PMLN, then joined PPP and was supposed to b PPP candidate from here but later on opted for contesting as independent candidate. He will also bag votes through his influence but not enough for winning.

    Overall a tough contest will b there, with PMLQ and PMLN candidate leading the run and PPP candidate following. As this seat has many remote areas , so it makes easy for rigging on the day and that is the only reason it may go to PMLQ. But if more n more tribes join PMLN, they can win here easily.

    I have heard some of Lunds of PP-242 will join PMLN and this will help them for both seats of national assembly NA-171 and NA-173.

  • @GM

    Dear Brother, I aslo belong to this area. Now I explain why I say that PML-Q has no chance to win in this election.

    1. In PP-240 the election is one sided in favor of PML-N becuase PML -Q has no candidate there.

    2. In PP-241 PML-N canidate is also Buzadar and he has considerable vote bank in his area.

    3. PP-242 is not whole included in this NA-171 seat only three union consils of Khosa tribe are included in this NA-171. Remaining union counciles are in NA-273.Actullay this was done by Farooq Leghari to divide the Khosa vote in 3 NA seats.

    4. The main draw back of Q-candidate is the division of Khawaja vote. Acutally Sajada Nasheen of Taunsa is cousine of Khawaja Nizam and his brother is on Provincial Assembly seat. So also most all vote of Khwaja follwers will go to Khawaja Nizam , and the rest few percent vote will be divided in remaining three Khawjas. So Q-league has no chance of more than 5% to win this election.

  • I mean i am from This Consituency and Belong to the Khawjgan as well.

    I know this creed well.

    But i think the Only person who can win from Khawajgan is Khawaja Sheraz {former MNA} and i heard from his supporter {near to him} that after winning he will Joing PPP {his fathers Party, as PPP is gonna Make the Central Government}

    Otherwise Mir Badhsah Qaisarni has a Good Chance of winning this Seat.

    I think PPP and PMLn has done a Blundder by Not giving Party Nomination to Amjad Khosa who applied for both PPP and PMLn tickets.

    If he would have got any of these tickets he was a sure candidate, but as an independednt Candiddate he has less Chance to win this Seat.