6.3 Intensity Earthquake Shakes Pakistan!

  • At about 12.30 am Pakistan time...earthquake of 6.3 rector scale jolts most of cities in Punjab,KhybarPukhtunkhaw and Azad Kashmir...thank God no damage or destruction has been reported so far....

    O ALLAH please save Pakistan from any further natural disaster as we cant bear any of such calamity any more....ameeen

    It reminded me of 2005 earthquake!...scary!

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    Yes, this one was 'experienced' here in Lahore.

  • Aftershocks are being reported as well

  • yeah i was on my pc,surfing internet when suddenly felt the tremors...were strong not like 2005 but felt the strength...then ran off to switch on the tv to see if rest of the country and countrymen are safe!...Shukar!

  • Powerful tremors rattle parts of county

    Updated at: 0031 PST, Saturday, September 18, 2010

    ISLAMABAD: Various parts of country have been rattled by a powerful earthquake late on Friday night including Islamabad, Lahore, Multan, Nowshera, Gilgit, Swat, Muzzafarabad, Peshawar, North Waziristan, Malakand Agency and many more, Geo News reported.

    The magnitude of the quake was recorded 6.3 on Richter scale while its epic center was somewhere beneath Hindu Kash mountain range, met office confirmed.

    Cracks have appeared in houses and buildings sending a strong wave of fear among people, witnesses said.


  • Building and construction laws are not followed and many buildings here are not approved by building control authorities and are illegally and haphazardly constructed without taking into consideration safety of residents. All those buildings should be inspected as they are showing footage of strong tremors so those structures must have become unsafe and could easily turn into tragedy ..

  • just heard of sum old buildings collapsed in lhr!!!

  • Allah rahem karay humaray haal par..or humain mazeed azmaish main na daal..ameen..!!

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    After this quake, weather has become cold in Lahore. There's 'andhi' plus clouds are around, MASHALLAH :D

  • Pakistani quam ko ugently apney ghunahon se tuba kerni chahey.....

    Zardari, selab and Zalzala are sign of Azab

  • agreed with expak

  • expakistani

    Yes, you are rights, Zardari is a also a curse of Allah upon the nation. Let us all recite Istigfar and reform our national character as well.

  • This curse from Allah only took place in Zardari and Musharraf governments. Lets pray and do Istighfar to safe us from any Disaster because of their Evil doings..

  • Is their any NEWS about Losses from this Earthquake????I saw in News that this Earthquake generated in Northern Afghanistan Near Pakistan Border at Hindukush Mountain Range so what about the Effects of this Earthquake in KPK????they are the most Closest area near Epicenter????

    Another thing which I heard was that in Muhmand Agency I guess two Pashtun Tribes(bangesh and Mangal) were FIGHTING a BATTLE for WATER and I heard 26 people were killed in that battle due to use of Heavy Weaponry against each other before the Earthquake happened....

  • It was really powerfull eartquake this earth remind me oct 8, 2005 eathuake.


  • @gazi23

    no news of any loss so far with the Mercy of Allah(swt)...its all good!

    not related to the earthquake in Pak but just curious know if its real or fake....the following link!


  • Is there any destruction reported? I waited for it in news but it seems that even 6.3 was calm

  • In some areas (north) land has shifted and deep cracks were shown by media. Not large scale destruction except a few houses down slope caught in a land slide.

  • Thank God nothing disturbing had to hear and bear!