Curse of feudal system in Pakistan

  • A good article on curse of feudal system in our society.

  • i really think pkpolitics ppl dont realize the curse of feudal system in Pakistan.

    its the least talked about subject on this website.

  • feudals kee god may beth kar feadals ko lalkarnay walee MQM per hansi hee aa sakti hay-

    zardari ko vote kion dia tha??

  • looo ji MQM yahaan bhi le aaye


    Salam bhai do you feel insecurity which is why you say "MQM MQM MQM" at every breath.

    zardari ko vote kion dia tha... well, "democratic process" ko vote dia tha really. but it was a wrong step totally agreed by MQM. lekin Altaf Bhai ne Zardari ko step down karne ko bhi bola tha! that happened recently seeing the failed state of Pakistan.

    and MQM was Anti-NRO... it wants perpetrators founded guilty.

    curse of feudal system has to be broken.

  • nice excuse for supporting a corrupt feudal..

    bhai yeh batain key zardari ko step down kerna ka bol saktay hain per khud kion nahi step down hotay.. akhir kub tuk jageerdaron kee god may bethay raho gay

    aaj MQM nical jay to yeh sub jageerdar farigh ho ker ghar beth jain.. they are only in because of your vote & support !!

  • i think the jaagirs have the numbers to form their own govt with or without MQM.

    Even if MQM sits out, it wont make a difference trust me, the numbers dont work that way.

    MQM has to step up the ladder making deals with jaagirdars, thats only way... or else it will be like Imran Khan with very little actual power to make change... and then it has to step on the throat of the same Jaagirs once it has good base and power. its a good mission.

    I would appreciate if we talk about the "curse of feudal system in Pakistan"... because this topic will soon go astray.

    why dont we talk about promoting Local Bodies Nizaam in all of Pakistan so that jaagirdaari dies out itself! thats a smart idea right dear bro! we dont want installed administrators running the show.

  • without MQM support PPP will lose center !!!

    if MQM joins with PML-N, even PML-N can build central govt !!

    wake up brother and stop supporting jageerdar/vadera/chaudary

  • PPP wont loose anything sir.

    they have the numbers, I keep telling you.

    about 125 seats in National Assembly is not a joke.

    You have to be part of the system to beat this curse, otherwise the mission will fail from the outset. you need to be chalaak.

    And yes MQM can build alliance with PML-N as well you are right in essence, but does that solve the problem? not at all.

    MQM would still be supporter of typical "family" politics and JAALI Degree party.

    it doesnt matter who MQM makes alliance with, it is doing it solely with the will to gain strength to break free of the CURSE of feudal nizaam.

    at some point, you have to break free of the evil hand that is feeding you once you have proper support from Awaam,,, then you dont have to beg for alliances to stay in power.

    proof of the fact that this alliance is just an alliance on paper is the fact that MQM gets next to none ministries compared to even smaller parties.... MQM is doing this to stay in strenght. Yes... I agree they are cunning.

  • right, MQM doesn't care who is at center, zardari or nawaz, don't matter to them as long as they control karachi/hyderabad as mafia-

    so you need to be chalaak to keep on getting your share from the feudal, vadera, chaudry and be part of them, but also cry wolf to keep your followers intact, same as what clever fazlu does, take as much benefit as possible but also keep criticism at slogan level-

  • see its just the matter of perception and how you put it,

    you say all they care about is their share bla bla bla

    but are they really getting their share? they are not even getting much, no more Local Bodies, no more Nazim, very little ministries. its all about being in a position of power.

    The only way to beat the System is by staying within the system otherwise MQM's mission will be extremely hard to achieve.... no other way around except FAUJI hukoomat.

    MQM is not only preaching against CURSE of Feudalistic oligarchy at slogan level.... MQM is a prime example of democratic setup.

    Every MQM leader is held accountable to the public or asked t leave party if he is not being responsible.... I as a common man could reach Mustafa Kamal naazim and leaders very easily which is the beauty of MQM setup. they come from us. There are no jaali degrees. new kids emerge as leaders in MQM its happening a lot who was Mustafa Kamal 5 years ago?

    If you really care about Karachi and Hyderabad as vital city centres and revenue generators of Pakistan, I plead on you and your likes to atleast support Local Bodies Nizaam if not MQM directly.... please realize the need for that set up to get locals into power.

  • well, for the people you are all the same, an alliance of jageerdar/vadera/chaudry, each one getting his share of power-

    you vote for zardari so you can beat zardari.. nice logic.. hahaha

    it is like i steal so that other thief don't steal :)

  • "you vote for zardari so you can beat zardari"

    I think its moreso like

    You make alliance with PPP, gain strength gradually expand until one day you make your own govt. its not an impossible thing.

    but i respect your views and i see where you are coming from. i would like you to realize that real change can only be gradual, system will not change in a matter of 1 or 2 days.

  • yes, i agree, it is very challenging to threat jageerdar or vadera on change, best way is to just join them and everyone minds their own business :)

    if you show opposition to these corrupt jageerdars then they will mount military operation and kill many of your workers, so no choice but to play by mutual partnership :)

  • the thing is,,, people of Pakistan have to understand the curse of feudal system.

    this is not about MQM. this is larger than MQM.

    Even if some XYZ party in Punjab comes up with this slogan and has good credentials we should support it so that the awaam gets into power and we see proper representation.

    The main objective is the final result... Feudalism free Pakistan.

    now whatever sort of twists you would like to give you can give. but this goal needs to be achieved somehow.

    Awam has to realize feudalism is the biggest hindrance to Pakistan's advancement... why are we still living in the 19th/20th century.