Secular Imran Khan Given Rousing Welcome In Nowshera

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    <div class="bbcode_quote_body">the relief and rehabilitation efforts will be carried out transparently with out any consideration of cast ,creed ,ethnicity and religion."Let me give you my word ,this relief and rehabilitation is for every human being .It makes no difference whether you are a punjabi ,pukhtun ,sindhi or balochi neither if you are a Muslim or a non-,Muslim ,If you are human being you qualify for this aid ,simple and straight",said Imran Khan</div>


  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    Why do you 'brand' Imran Khan as being 'secular' ?

    Does Imran Khan subscribe to 'secularism' ?

    We ALL need to know this, ASAP.

  • yeh thread sirf secular tag laganay kai liye hai kiya

  • @hariskhan

    I think that 'insaftak' meant that IK does not discriminate against anyone based on their religious belief (which is what Islam teaches). If you were to observe the definition of secularism, it simply means giving everyone the right to practice their religion and this is what 'insaftak' meant here.

  • @salaudin

    May be hariskhan wants relief for muslims first.

    Well Done Imran Khan for doing so much for flood victims and also to others who have worked hard to work for flood victims.

  • Good effort, Same like other N Go's they doing same thing for Pakistan.

    Its not only IK please appreciate allz those who participate in flood relief work.

    Every Imran khan supporter listen. its not a one village story.

  • he he he

    uffff .uff .uff

    Imran bhai ki maqboliat barhti ja rahi hay .

    dosri taraf us se jalnay walon ki tadad .

    lagay raho Imran Bhai , quoam ka nou-jawan tumharaye sath hain.

    Geo ne yoonhi tou Imran bhai ko nahi uchak liya .

    unko pata hay , aj kal Market mien sirf Imran bhai in hain.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Choosy khala

    GEO pehly nawaz sharief kay pass gaya tha. Nawaz pakistan say donation akhta karna chahta tha takay dunia ko nazar aye hum zinda qoam hain.

    kyuk usko manga nh ata Gadagar IK ki tarah.

  • @jasim

    How much money did nawaz Sharif collect through his fake corrupt scheme "Qarza uttaro mujhe sanwaro"?

    Nawaz Sharif is corruption king no better than Zardari but you guys keep doing your best to bring him into power and I think he will become PM in next election after writing a maafi naama to GHQ.

    Well I do not agree with Imran's politics and his policies but he is a good social worker and wasting his time in politics. Imran could become next Edhi of Pakistan if he spends his efforts/enrgies on social work.

  • @jisam Mamoo ,

    he he he

    mein kisi ki khala nahi ...

    no2.. Imran ko Geo ne maqboliyat ki wajah se use kiya .

    aur issi liye sub jal gaye hain.

    no3. Nawaz dosron se nahi mangta tou Amerika kay pair kion chatt-ta rehta hay ?

    ameriki usskay Raiwand mahal mein Lassi peeny aatay hain kiya ??????????????????

  • American kay chatny hoty to atmy dhamakay main jaty. jab arbon dollar offer thi.

    jal jal kay imran khan bi adha reh gaya hai konsi maqboliat Lahore ki aik seat bi nh jeet skta

    wow very gud maqbuliat. nice

    jasi khush hua Ik in 2050

  • he he he

    jalan walan jo moun kalo ...

    yeh sindhi boli hay mein ne .

    waisay mein har zuban bol sakta hon ,Pakistan ki.

    i m a true Pakistani .

    issi liye kehta hon.

    Imran aaye ga aur zaror aye ga .

  • kali bili chali hajj ko

    kab aye ga daso kab aye ga aye ga bi ya, hay ji ho ji 2050 haiji

  • yeh konsi zuban ki kahawat hay .

    translation farmayee...

    he he he

  • lagaay rahooo bhai log achi nock jhonk.IK will come in power but i hope he will boycott the next election under influence of jamaiti thugs :):)

  • Its my love for you chossy

    • Rosuing wellcome for IK?

    • from who....the flood relief victims???? those who have lost everything in floods and a big number of them have worldly possessions of the one set of clothes that they are wearing

    • how many flags and posters were used for the welcome party

    • it is sad that politicians use these poor people for their welcome parties and playing politics in disaster hit areas

  • wow, whata darama did Ik supporters silab main jhanday kahan say agay its preplained by Ik supporters its like 600 to 700 people whata shame less welcome

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    Hello Guys - Please show some patience to such topics especially requested to PML (N) supporters. We (PTI) often have disagreements with MQM supporters i,e: Sweet Truth & others, and usually that goes to hard debates, but we acknowledge their appreciation for such causes. Rgrds, Awais

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