The Nawaz Sharief Can Change this Government

  • Nawaz Sharief is one the big part of Pakistan. There is no prove against his corruption he gets bail from judiciary. No case against nawaz. Why Musharaf can not prove one elegation of corruption against nawaz because Corruption ki nh to case kaise hoga, Simple he is only one who can change every thing in pakistan, only his one say then the govt of zardari will end. I think he has to take position about zardari govt at the moment every pakistani want end this government. Inshalla

    As said by najam sethi.

    agar nawaz sharief abi yeh keh day kay yeh govt Khatam then it will be end,

    Why only nawaz can do that.


    No other Leader who know about Khaibar to KArachi. No other leader has support Khaibar to karachi.

    1. imran khan can not win Elections. he is not popular is village as like cities.

    2. Muhsharaf + Q = 0 No reslut.

    3. MQM= only karachi will support altaf.

    4. Jamat e islami has nothing in pakistan.

    5. ppp will give tuff time to nawaz sharief.

    So, please avoid all the bluddy thinking of imran khan because nothing will change.

    Change only nawaz sharief.

  • Spoken like a true Niwala.... ;-)

    (BTW: Why does you defense of nawaz sound like PPP's defense of Zardari?)

    BTW: You never asked the pertinent question:

    Why DOESN'T Nawaz do it?

    In fact he has stated the complete opposite i.e. he will support Zardari no matter what.

  • Actually not that type because he wants to give some time to zardari then zd will totally end.

    This is the reason.

    Agar is waqt nawaz is ko govt say nikalata hai wo zardari mazloom ban jaye ga.

    Samjh i kay pehly wali bi gai

  • Its not wise to say that Nawaz is not going to topple/undermine Zardari, rather allow him to complete his term because he believes in Democracy, is nothing but a lame excuse.

    The fact is this way another two and a half years are being extended to a corrupt regime to loot plunder remaining (if any) resources of Pakistan.

    That is why both Nawaz and Zardari are at their lowest in popularity because awam are aware of the 'noora kushti' going on and has disowned them. No future for them in any election. Change is inevitable and it is going to happen without them.

  • he he he

    Nawaz kisi ko kiya ultay ga ;wohh tou khud ulta howa hay .

    uss mein itna dum kahan kay kisi ko ultt sakay .

    haan ,he is waiting for some one to topple Zardari .

    then he can rule .

    ruling is easir than topple a Govt .for a man like NS, u know .

    he he he

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  • @jasim

    Both Sharif and Zardari are looting this country and both have formed an official agreement to let each other loot this country; today it is Zardari who is looting tomorrow it will be turn of Sharif family to loot. No change whatsoever; people of Pakistan are being fooled big time. Third force may play a role if situations further worsens.

  • eheheh

    sweet Lier

    u have prove about nawaz. ehehe there is nothing prove against nawaz. phir kaise mann lay mery bhai. Bhai jab judiciary nay nawaz ko ok kardia phir ap aise hi bolty rehty ho. Apny Dil ko tasali deny kay liye ap comments kar skty ho.



    very poor thinking.

    I think ap ka to vote bi nh hoga isliye to yeh keh rahy ho

  • i think Nawaz Sharif is just waiting for his 10 year ban on politics to end

  • @jasim

    Nazaw Shairf is angel of honesty just like doodh ka dhula.

    Judiciary is in his pocket and he is waiting for his turn to take over from his corrupt friend Zardari for next five years. So we will see transfer of power from one corrupt to another corrupt. So give Nawaz Sharif a new name doodh ka dhula. Lol

  • ehehe

    Bhai dil ko tasali hogi apki chalo koi bat nh.

    Acha mery bhai to wo Watan faroosh Musharaf to nawaz sharief ka dost nh tha phir wo kyu aik bi maqadma nh bana paya.

    FACts par bat karo Nothing prove aganist nawaz simple jab koi corruption ki nh to ilzam kaise hoskta hai.

    Ap kay liye aik punjabi ka shair hai.

    Ani Bheens agay been wajana

    its for u lagay raho


  • @jasim

    Nothhing has proved against Zardari either and he is a free man and President too. So according to your formula everyone in our country is doodh ka dhula.

    I think Nawaz is bigger corruption king than Zardari.

  • lol

    totally mad bhai

    Nawaz corrupt hota to wo bi NRO's karleta mery bhai prime minister banay kay liye.

    NRO's kya tha mery bhai jis din wo sadarat say utry ga tab pata chalay ga.

    bhai ap apny ap ko tasali detay rehna. Ap ka point of view hai hum kya kar skttain hain.

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  • aur to pata nahin...

    Nawaz sharif TAX chor zaroor hai

  • lol

    yeh bi darama hai.

    tumnay uskay sari family kay tax payed form dekhain hain ya nh agar dekhain hai to bhai allah ap kay jhut bolny par ap ko maf kary agar nh deikhain to bhai jakay wo dekho. reality kya hai.

    Nawaz sharief ki puri family ka check karo mery bhai sub kuch family kay nam hai nawaz kay nh

    wata shaming darama creating you people.

    its above seven cror go and watch nawaz sharief interview with ary tv

    pata nh log kyu jalty hain

  • @jasim

    This is the problem we have 2 national parties with corrupt leaders who have been looting our country. Your dreams will come true in few years when Nawaz Sharif will be head of our country and doing more or less same what Zardari is doing now. Do we have any choice? Answer is no! We have to live with these two major parties plus army can intervene anytime to stop Nawaz sharif.

    Army has not been happy with Nawaz Sharif and may stop him coming into power. In the past Nawaz sharif treated army and army chiefs with disrespect and arrogance and army has not yet forgiven him. Nawaz Sharif will have to write a maafi naama again (like he did before fleeing at night time from this country 9 years ago) and send to GHQ otherwise his chances of becoming Prime Minister are in doubt.

  • Inshalla

    he will be come in power because he is innocent. we will vote for pmln.

    Urdu main ap kay liye aik misaal hai.

    kehty hain kuty ki dum kay under 100 saal bi danda rakhy to wo terhi hi rahy gi.

    Inshalla next govt will be pmln

  • @jasim

    But has nawaz shairf written maafi nama for GHQ? I think he is begharat number 1 so to become PM again he can do anything. He can even lick feet of any army chief in front of TV.

  • jisim bhai Nawaz kay taza taza voter utray hain maidan mein lassi pee kay ...

    he he he