Two Faces of Nawaz Sharif with Proof

  • Now Nawaz Sharif is against Army rulers but in the past he enjoyed all perks under Gen Zia. Hypocricy at its best

  • Good Effort Mr. sweet liar.

    jesi karni wessi bharni nawaz nay jo dosry kay sath kia wohi phir uskay sath hua.

    Dil ka bojh abi bi halka nh hua. Main samjha pata nh kya dundh kay lay aye ho.

    khusi puri hogai apki.

    Futue phir bi nawaz sharief ka hai. no one other can take place of nawaz


  • he he he

    jisim bhai meray style se khasay mutassir hain .

    jald hi Imran Khan ki mala japeein gaye .

    he he he karna tou shuru kar hi diya hay meri tarhah .

    chalo good show .

  • @jasim

    Thanks yar

    I just wanted to share this video with all and especially with you so you too could also see two faces of Nawaz Sharif. You are right next election belongs to him but after writing a maafi naama to GHQ. Nawaz Sharif was the darling boy of Gen Zia but after Zia he started showing his 'true colours' to everyone including Army and Army chiefs and don't forget his attack on Supreme court building to terrorize Justice Sajjad Ali Shah. Gen Zia will be turning in his grave as Nawaz Sharif's attitude towards Army has been extremely disrespectful. NS sacked 2 army chiefs and tried to do the same with the third (by hijacking the plane) one but could not succeed. NS has to learn alot in politics and he is still immature and naive in politics.

  • chossy

    I tells u that i am member of PML(N) and PTI.

    for your kind information.

  • I have a gut feeling jasim is Nawaz Sharif himself!!

  • he he he

    sweettruth bhai ,

    jisim mujh ko bhi Nawaz hi lagta hay .

    magar nawaz ko angreezi aatai hay lassi pa kay>?

  • @choosy

    yar Nawaz Sharis's style of english speaking is very similar with writing styel of jasim. That is why I have this feeling jasim is himself Nawaz Sharif.

    Jasim shah se bhee zada shah ka wafadar lagta hey

  • Choosy or Sweet

    I feel very proud on my self u feel i am NS wow its great. actually jo log kisi ko dil say chahtain ho wo same hi lagtain hain.

    But i am not NS.

  • @jasim

    I and choosy want you to take leadership of PML-N as you have all the qualities of a good leader. Our nation needs a leader to lead us in this difficult times and your statement about Balochistan shows your courage and feelings for Pakistan. We don't need Nawaz Shaif; we need jasim!!

    Rasha rasha jasim rash

    awaye awaye jasim awaye

  • sweet

    yar yeh sab kuch Nawaz say hi gain kia hai humnay. I really tell you nawaz is not as like previous. he is totally change.

    Bhai mainay yeh kab kaha kay nawaz agar galat kary ga to bi support karay gay bhai phri jutian maray gay.

    But in Current situation he is totally sincere with Pakistan.