Laal: Utho meri duniya (do you support LAAL revolution)

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  • what is LaaL Revolution?

  • so how did you add this video? I tried to find the way but failed.

  • LAAL is basically band which belive in France type revolution...

  • It's not a question of whether we support it or not. It's coming whether we like it or not. The floods will have seen to that.

  • The best of the Laal songs:

  • yeah they have also sung that song of "no crore or do crore yeh ghaday jin ka nam awam hey" innit lol...

  • I wonder how these " Ghareeb" people will react when-

    1.The Mullahs say that it is against Islam to do this sort of thing.

    2.When 500 or 1000 people are shot.

    If anyone has any doubts- let me ask you something-

    No one stood up when over a 100,000 Muslims were killed in the Amrican bombardment of Afghanistan.

    How many demonstrations do you see in response to the drone killings in FATA

    It is good to have MAKE BELIEVE songs and dances.

    But it is just that- song and dance - no more.

  • Iqbal died in 1938.

    That is more than 70 years ago when he wrote that poem.

    Where has everyone been for all that time about the " Ghareeb" revolution ?

    Oh they did not read it ! Or they forgot about it.

    And now just because a guitar player is singing about it- suddenly it becomes the revoltuionary mantra for storming the Bastille ?

    Who the hell is standing to stop the Mazareen from attacking the SOBs like Zradari, Qaim Ali Shah and Khursheed Shah and others. Their palaces are there for the revolutionaries to attack. Where are the attackers ?

    In Karachi, where are the revoltuionaries ? Why dont they attack ZERO-9 the center of the Mafia and Gansters.

    Is the road to Raiwind open ? Why are the revoltuionaries not going there to attack the Royal Palaces.

    There is a simple ansewr.

    There are no real revolutionaries.

    There are only Imagined revolutionaries.

    And there is an imagined revoltuion already taking place.

    We can rejoice and be happy about that and after that we can go and sleep it off.

  • @shimatoree

    Revolution is but won (now that we have Laal on our side) ;-)

    BTW: Any idea what happened to your "Fate- a Tragedy of the Muslim history" and "Intellectual diability" threads? Did we expose too much of the faith of the faithful that the said topics have met their fate at the hands of intellectual disability?

  • Shimatoree

    My mom used to say this a lot (in Pushto)

    Che gharib khday kdey, no be-gharata cha kdey...:)

  • Isnt LAAL related to Communism?

  • Dildar-

    Wallah! Kamal dey oko. Tarjuma Oka che da bail khalaq Um poishee.

  • @Dildar

    Though I can guess some ("gharib", "be-gharata" are a bit of help), a "Tarjuma" would be appreciated...

  • nota-

    I do not know.

    But I do have a feeling that those in power finally recognised that the discussion was probably going no where and that it had run it's course- so to say.

    In ref: to the revoltuion- you know in the Pushtoon society we do look down upon the musicians in a harsh manner. I am quite sure the Baloch society is not different.

    So the ultimate disparaging remark against someone is either to call them a shop keeper or a Dumm-( Mirasee or such). The whole Pushto language is full of idioms to that effect . Of course in this modern politically correct age- the well educated do not use those idioms.

    But I remain a neanderthal at heart.

  • Quote-

    Isnt LAAL related to Communism ?

    Ya. Sure wearing blue jeans, and red shirt with a new guitar(worth a bit of money).

    It reminds me of a Communist who gave up communism. When asked Why and when ?

    He replied when he saw Faiz Ahamad Faiz eating roasted chicken and Pulao and talking about Ghareeb makhlook.

  • Shimatoree

    Hahaha, I'm trying but couldn't translate the real sting,

    may I borrow your skill here, please :)

  • lolz@He replied when he saw Faiz Ahamad Faiz eating roasted chicken and Pulao and talking about Ghareeb makhlook.