We Need a Chinese Style Revolution

  • The revolutionary leader of China Chairman Mou strictly warned all the corrupt classes of China of dire consequences soon after the revolution. Most of the Chinese took his warning seriously; knowing his nature of strictness, but they were a lot who did not take his warning seriously and followed their same path of corruption and disorders.

    A newly constructed bridge collapsed soon after his warning. He ordered the congregation of all the concerned workers at a ground. When all the workers were congregated, they were dynamited from all four sides. They all were blown up dead.

    After that incident, no corruption or disorder was reported in such a large country like China. The Chinese became a disciplined and corruption free nation.

    We need a similar revolution to save Pakistan.

    Pakistan Zindabad! Pakistan Paindabad!

  • HF-

    Would you have liked to apply the same technique to the companions of the Prophet Zubair, Talha, Muawiyah and Abdur Rahamn bin Auf for their illegal riches or are they absolved of all their sins ?

  • Shimtoree

    Respect the Sahaba (May Allah's peace and mercy be upon them), or All ur spiritual work will lost and u will be a in the list of losers in the day After

  • let us decide what sorta revolution we want...some want Chinese revolution,some LAAL revolution,Some PEELI HUREE NEELI...

  • RhyMe, that was pure wit! I couldn't stop laughing. Anyway, I'd say the colour of the thing is immaterial. What would count though is the kind of footware people have on.

    HF, most definitely Pakistan Zindabad!

  • @HF, by Chinese Style Revolution, do you mean Cheap, Fake, Unreliable and Short-lived?

  • nomad_citizen, where exactly did you pick up your notions of what the Chinese Rev was and is? Ever been to China yourself or do you perhaps speak Mandarin?

  • Dear Hussain Farooqu,

    @ Your ideas are praise worthy. I was in China for couple of months. Nice country, developed country.

    @ But you know, if you go to any Chinese village you will find only one nice decorated house which is visible from far distance. This belongs to the chief of the Communist Party. And what about others? They are staying in a colony with one charpoy. Even I have seen the family quaters. What they have nothing, only one by-cycle. Even the house does not have proper ventilation and no "Varenda"(Belcony). Well I visited back in 1988, it is almost 22 years. There might be some change little bit.

    @ Now,Chinese economy might be booming but it hardly matters to the common people. "o log kire mokore ki thara jete hai", they do not have any right. Their monthly salary is too less. Both husband and wife has to serve. But they have to serve in different places even 500 km away.

    @ It is true that in our society there are lot of corruption but how to stopped it that is a big question? The corruption is a part of our life. Accept it, it had been there and will remain. Your idea of "CHINESE REVOLUTION" is a good thinking but you know what in political term it is called "UTOPION IDEAS" .

    @ You know, in our country(Bangladesh) lately one General Moin U Ahmed being influened by General Musharraf tried his best for last two years but failed and now he has become a laughing stock. In those days, once corrupt businessmen/politician abandoned their luxury car(Mercedez & Others) here and their. General Moin said," we will collect and sell these cars and make a big hospital for the poor people", O ! what a idea ? His dream never materialised and in the process all the costly vicheles were inside all the police station for long 1.5 years in open sky and all were damaged.

  • SS

    Dishonesty is the ultimate Sin.

    The question was asked but no answer given.

    Answer the question .

  • Shimatoree.

    In Islam no one is exclusive of Justice. The system of Islam is only system which give u that Justice Not a system Like Chinese. Sahabas Ikram are like a guiding start. They are perfect in their society. Whenever any Sahaba tried to go away from Track other Sahaba Correct him for a lesson to the histoy.

    But ur hate for Sahabas (may Allah be pleased with them) is amazing). U after 1400 years put forward a statement against them ignoring the current people like Zardari and other.

    Would you have liked to apply the same technique to the companions of the Prophet Zubair, Talha, Muawiyah and Abdur Rahamn bin Auf for their illegal riches or are they absolved of all their sins ?

    Sahaba were good people that's why Allah gave them so much respect. now i did get ur point why u use the name of Sahaba in ur question

    The Prophet said: "Let none of you should come to me with anything (negative) about any of my Companions!" (Abu Dawud and al-Tirmidhi from Ibn Mas`ud) and "Fear Allah with regard to my Companions! Do not make them targets after me!" (al-Tirmidhi and Ahmad).


    The Biggest Demerits of Chinese Revolution

    China was a planned economy under Mao Zedong’s leadership as he thoughts was mainly equality, where he established nationalization of China’s economy through the control of markets by keeping it free from foreign dominations, price, and production as well as natural and human resources. He also introduced the promotion of egalitarianism and collectivism with little incentives, while individuals’ needs are not being realized.

    Chinese system is based on Communism

    Demrits of Communish

    1. It provides no incentive to work hard, or at all, so the level of production on both an individual scale and a mass scale, goes into sharp decline.

    2, It is counter to human to the human psyche that a person can not improve their lot in life, and under communism, you can't.

    3. It prevents people from being able to reward excellent performers.

    4. It provides no incentive to innovate, because you can invent the greatest thing ever, and it won't improve your or your familie's life.

  • Chinese are still following a DEAD ideology of communism. The yehudi Karl Marx fooled the world for 70 years with his communist doctrine and could no longer fool the world and hence the yehudis that control Russia and West orchestrated the capitalist revolution of Yeltsin to finally bring the 2 evils of capitalism and communism under one flag.

  • SS

    I did not praise the Chinese Revolution.

    My answer was in response to someone else's praise for the Chinese Revolution . But since the Praise was offered -my question is justified.

    I do not hate anyone but I am not an Idol worshipper- be they made of stone or of flesh and blood- be they recent or of by gone times. If someone did not do right they must be held accountable.

    I have already put my view on the use of Hadith for ulterior reasons so I need not say anymore.

    End of story.

  • SS- With all the enumerated De-merits of the Chinese system-

    They are today the biggest and strongest economy in the world and still growing at a brisk rate.

    What have the Muslims done with their superior system even though they control 80 % of the world's energy resources ?

  • I hope those talking Chinese-style revolution realize the cost was not just dynamiting workers of a bridge but a lot more: Mao's Great Leap Forward Killed 45 Million in Four Years

    So you ready for it? Nothing less will work (we'll probably need a higher ratio). I say let's take the 'great leap' ;-)

  • I did not praise the Chinese Revolution.

    You didn't praise Chinese Revolution but u target Sahaba (May Allah's Peace be upon them). U support ur Question by Targeting Sahabas. Why? What did Sahaba Harm u. Did Targeting Sahaba Made ur question more meaningful or the question exposed u?

    They are today the biggest and strongest economy in the world and still growing at a brisk rate.

    There will be Great Fitnas before the Last Hour Comes? And these vast technology is test for the Ummah of Last Prophet and Please don't look today see what is base of this technology See the Past of Muslim. Islam is base of this Technology. We muslim are going down because we have left Quran's Guidance. We Left Allah and Allah Left Us

    That is enough?

  • for Chinese style Revolution , leaders as well as nation has to take as much of pain as possible .

    are we ready for it ?

    or a Revolution took placed in Arab 1400 years ago .

    we can think of .

  • We are a democratic country not a communist country. Rather than following such horrific examples, we must strive to improve and evolve a democratic culture. If we walk on the right path, yes troubled times will face us but eventually we will make it work for the masses.

  • Actually the responsibility of all this based on us. Simple we choose the govt by election, so who is responsible, every one knows we are the real responsible for all dat's.

    The Revolution is only Education

  • I like this thread, each one doing his or her own thing. I have just one question to add after reading through all the propaganda stuff about the evils of communism, Russia and China (thank God, Cuba was left out of the discussion)! Everyone suddenly turns out to be a specialist of communism. More power to you, friends, more power.

    But why never anything similar on that most monstrous of econ systems ever devised in my eyes: capitalism which lives by thieving and starving the rest of the globe on behalf of some 10% of the world's population, callous and illiterate, but all behaving like demigods. Bias perhaps?

    And yes, see how nicely the Great Leap of Capitalism has been taken, killing a few more millions of people very much like ourselves.

  • shimtore

    You probably have read the history which was narrated by some deviant sects, otherwise, you would not be insolent against the great personalities. If you believe in Prophet SAW, then your belief should be perfect on Sahabas as well.

    Abdul Rehman

    We are Muslims and naturally we don't have to deviate from our ideology. Staying in the frames of our ideology, we have to bring a revolution for revamping our society.


    Democracy can't be established without abolishing feudal system. The existing feudal system can't be abolished by a democratic govt. since the majority of elected representatives themselves come from the same class.