• To ask a known prostitute about the morality of the business. Everyone knows that prostitution is immoral. I must ask you to define immorality or for that matter what is morality? It is said that all morality comes from religion and we are told that Islam our religion forbids prostitution. Is poverty immoral? Are those that create, cause and exploit the poor workers (for exorbitant profits) immoral? Is the death of a child who cannot get medicine due to poverty immoral? If it is and I feel it certainly is- then are we willing to blame and hold accountable those that have it in their power to prevent that from happening. In this Islamic country where every day a lot of people go hungry- are those that are having feasts of Pulao and roasted chicken in the month of Ramadan in their Iftar parties immoral in the same manner as the prostitutes providing sex ffor a fee? Are those that cause people to kill in the name of religion as immoral as the work of a prostitute? Or those that use human beings as slave labor in the brick kilns in Pakistan as immoral as the prostitues? Or those that exploit other people’s hard work for their own profit while paying them very little compensation immoral like the prostitute? Are the big landlords who use the dirt farmers and their families to do the work and grow the crops while the landlord get all the money from the crops as immoral as the prostitute. And when politicians who get elected by the voters by promising them all kinds of stuff and then steal the people’s money and stash it away in foreign banks– is that considered as immoral as prostitution? So I would venture to say that to call prostitution immoral might be OK but it is just one of the many immoral activities which our Islamic society in Pakistan accepts as normal and a way of life. And I have just mentioned only a few of those. So the issue is not whether prostitution is moral but what is? And what about the immorality of this very same Islamic society when it looks at women and men in a different way when it comes to sex. Everyone expects their wife to be a Virgin but is that also expected and prized in a man? I do not think so. I know that from my young customers who are sent to us for getting experience before their first night with their virgin wives. As to the subject of repeated sex for profit – well it is just like any work where you do the same thing again and again and make money doing it. It is no different than making carpets for the weavers or making doors and windows for a carpenter and so on. Instead of using cotton threads or wood we use one anatomic part of our body again and again to make a living and it must be emphasized that we make a living in the only way it is possible for us to do so. I do not have any other options left to me. If I go and leave this noble profession and try to find a regular job somewhere- -who do you think will knowingly let me work in their factory or home or other place of business. In our Islamic society the technique of character assassination is practiced against women quite often- even against women who are not prostitutes. And it is done on purpose and by design. And you know that it damages the woman forever. How moral is that? And as to the issue of sex- it is a biological activity of human beings – just like eating, sleeping, going to the bathroom for bladder and bowl elimination. Why is it thatit is taboo and is frowned upon in our Islamic society in the most hypocritical manner. It is a biological activity for sure. And while providing this biological service to our customers we do put ourselves in danger because of sexually transmitted diseases but that is the cost of doing this business. How to prevent this activity called prostitution. I do not think that in the social dynamics of the so-called Islamic society of today that is possible. Just look at the population explosion alone. And do not forget the fact that when you are talking about women in the Islamic society- you are talking about HALF a Human Being. We are entitled to only half of what our parents leave behind as compared to our brothers. Our word is worth only half as much as that of a man in a court of law. We are de-valued by 50 % the day we are born in the house of a Muslim and that is true even in the hearts of our parents and grand parents. How to stop or prevent prostitution – First and foremost you have to accept one simple fact. And that is some people- both men and women just like this biological activity called sex just like some people like playing cricket while still others like eating Pulao. You cannot do anything about this group. About the rest- the simple answer is that they should be provided economic where with all to live and then certainly they would not be forced into this activity. You would have to dismantle the so to say, “ infra structure” of prostitution- The agents who kidnap the poor girls and then sell them to the madams; The pimps who are the commission agents; The landlords of the houses where this business is conducted. And a very effective way would be to educate every girl everywhere in the country without her parent’s ability or capacity to pay for the education. It is unlikely that an educated girl would become a prostitute because she can make a living and she can have respect and honor. But all of this just talks for the sake of talk and to make one feel better. It has very little possibility of working out. How can someone who is on the outside of prostitution even begin to understand the torment and experiences that a prostitute goes through in our wretched lives? You are born and raised in a social milieu and are given a set of values and therefore you think that any other system of value is abnormal. And as yet you who know nothing about me - want to bring me back into your Islamic world and transform me back to be cleansed, made pristine and made moral .And let us suppose you were allowed to do that and you were successful- who will accept me as a clean human being ? Who ? No one would- of that I am sure. Do you know what poverty does to poor people? The father of a family must go in order to give dal and bread to his wife and children. And every day his family worries if he will return or if he will come back with no bread and no dal. This goes on for years and years and this has the impact on the minds of his kids and that effect is not good. And yet the same Islamic society, which creates these conditions, wants them to grow up to be kind, humane and moral and religious people. It is like you plant wheat seed into the ground and expect to grow mangoes! If you wish to end prostitution- you have to end poverty first. And you have to stop the exploitation of the poor sanctioned by the Islamic society by the rich and powerful. Can you do that? You say NO. I had thought so too. I spoke with a psychiatrist once and this is what he told me. Women are monogamous by nature. They wish to restrict their sexual relationships to just one man and they want to own him from an emotional standpoint. That is what a women want. So prostitution is against the very nature of womanhood. And no matter what Islam might or might not say about polygamy- from every woman’s standpoint it is immoral. We are the equivalent of the pipes-( sewers)- under ground that carry and convey the rubbish and sewage of the society. The sewage is rotten and smells bad but it comes from this same Islamic society that you live in as a Muslim. It does not come from Mars. Of course everyone does get old as time stops for no one. And for prostitutes time travels very fast indeed at the speed of light. When one is young prostitute- one hears a lot of promises from one’s clients and one is naïve and I for one believed in some if not all of those promises made to me at night in bed when I was naked with a naked man. I had also hoped that someone someday will take me out of this mess and from then on I will be able to live a respectable life with a husband of my own and my children whom I shall love and care for. As you can see all my hopes are gone. I do not have hopes anymore. Now I am in just about the sunset of my life already. Now my body is not attractive anymore to young men or any men. After all prostitution is about the young body and certainly not about my intelligence or my spirit. I have become fat. Customers do not like a fat woman. Customers like young girls with small conical breasts and not very big bottoms. I don’t have that anymore. I have no retirement plan. I have no pension. I have no savings account. I have no provident fund. I have no social security When we get old we are discarded like a used sanitary napkin. This is a harsh business . There is no retirement or pension or such. Once we get old, no one wants us and so we depend for our food and shelter on the kindness of those that have used us for all of our lives. Like everything else in life, some of the managements are humane and some are not. But we are no different in this than any other poor segment of this Islamic society . In this Islamic society the older people who happen to be poor are not treated very well and that is quite well established and well known . Also whatever is bad for everyone is always much worse for women and- - to think of the despised and hated women such as a prostitute- it is very difficult indeed. - What do we do in our old age? - Well, we help with cleaning and cooking but we also provide emotional and psychological support to the young prostitutes during their stressful times. - We also pray to God like all old people as we also know we are going to die soon and hope that God is kind and forgiving unlike his creatures here on earth and that he will not throw us to burn in hell as the Mullahs keep saying.

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  • 2nd prostitution topic in less then a month.. what do you want.. prostitution legalized?

  • You mean it is not legal now ?

  • We don't like to read truth.

  • crazy horse copying it everywhere .. :)

  • @shimatoree

    You are once again back with your favourite topic!!

    Our whole society has become protitutionalized why just point out the profession only. Isn't corruption prostitution? Someone sells body for money; someone sells faith and conscience, some people are selling country.

    In short, every one is a prostitute.

  • Shimatoree

    Muslim men (most of them) are the worst men ever on this planet earth as they use the shield of religion for their all sorts of wrong-doings. Let me tell you very clearly, they consider every woman a prostitute if she is not related. they don’t respect any women at all. They might respect their sisters, or their mothers, or their daughters or someone else related to them but they never ever respect the creature called woman.

    It is the duty of a Muslim woman (they are told so) to protect herself from the dirty gaze of a man and so wear all kinds of ugly and non-sense dresses to cover her no matter how hot weather can be. Still it is not a guaranty that she is protected.

    And then we have those ‘mullahs’ who are quick to issue a ‘fatwa’ that it is ok to rape a woman if she is not ‘covered properly’ (every mullah has his own definition of properly covered) and you feel tempted. That is how they very conveniently put the blame on a woman if being raped.

  • wow dildar, i am stunned to hear this about your family & relatives (most of them)

    truly shocking !

  • poverty?. poverty leads to sabar not jahilia but only to those possessing knowledge of islam. sajdah kartay nahi aur shikwa kartay hain.

  • ST-

    I am afraid you might be right on the money this time.

  • Dildar-

    da mullayano khaberay praida.......... da tole da arabiyano dallagan dee.

  • Yes it is a painful topic.

    But it is an immoral fact present in your immoral and dishonest society.

    You claim that you will rule the world through Khilafate and establish a just society-

    First try learning something about making a just society by making your own society just.

    Better still first try to be honest yourself in your own thinking.

    And forget your fictitious glorious days of the past. They might have been glorious for the kings but for you there never was any glory as the present shows.

  • shimatoree,

    khabara da mulayanoo na da, khabara da Islam da ao zamung masoliat da Musalman pa sifat da day che da Allah pa ahkamo zan poh ko ao da nifaz dapara ye koshehs oko. Zina pa har hal ke haram amal day ao qabil da saza amal day. Ka cherta pa yo jamia ke kahalak ghla shoro ke da de matlab da na day che ghla jaiz shee, omdagha see Zina ya prostitution pa har hal ke najaiz ao qabil da saza amal day ao kabira Gunah da.

  • Shimatoree,

    Morality devoid of any reference to God is subjective. Prostitution is immoral (haram) because "God said so"!!!!

  • Revivalist-

    sta khabaray teek dee.

    zama maqsad sirf da dao che asliyat na stergay akhwa kole na de pakar.

    da ghalat karoona che keegee- da dey wajoohat dee.

  • shimatoree we don't understand Persian, Urdu or English plz.

  • iamsowise-

    I am very glad to hear that.

    I sincerely apologize to you personally with CONTRITION but

    Now you know how I feel when people write in URDU which I cannot read-( I do speak though) and thus I am unable to read. Perhaps that is better for me anyway.

    But sorry for that . Forgiveness is requested and applied for in your court.

  • iamsowise-

    translation of my comment-( Pushto) -

    " Revivalist-

    What you say is correct.

    My point is that we should face reality and not close our eyes.

    The wrong things that are being done- there is a reason for that. "

  • Thanks

    BTW we discuss Pakistan on this website and Pakistan's national language is Urdu.